Battle of Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor

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Battle of Tuxtla Martínez-Panachor
Part of the Mara War and the Creeperian Conflicts
DateMay 3, 1988-May 16, 1988
Result Escape Attempt Failed
TMP Flag.jpeg Creeperian Army Rioting Prisoners, mostly Maras
Commanders and leaders
TMP Flag.jpeg Benjamín Alarcón Illescas Ignacio Morales Morales
Brandón García Moreno  Executed
Samuel Piñon Encarnación  Executed
José Martí Gómez  Executed
Casualties and losses
132 killed
829 wounded
421 killed
2,481 executed

The Battle of Tuxtla Martínez-Panachor, which lasted from May 3, 1988, to May 16, 1988, was the result of an unsuccessful escape attempt from the Tuxtla Martínez-Panachor Maximum Correctional Facility. The escape attempt and subsequent battle was organized and lead by Ignacio Morales Morales, a prominent leader of Mara Salvatrucha. The uprising was suppressed by Director Benjamín Alarcón Illescas's forces on May 16, 1988. Hundreds died, hundreds were injured, and thousands were executed in the aftermath.