Battle of Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor

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Battle of Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor
Part of the Mara War and the Creeperian Conflicts
Date3–16 May 1988 (2 weeks)
Result Escape attempt failed, revolt suppressed


Rioting and escaping prisoners
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
  • 35th Infantry Battalion
  • Detachment D3
  • Zapatista Anti-Riot Unit A
  • Zapatista Anti-Fugitive Unit A
  • Riot Control Squad
~3,000 soldiers, guards, and agents Unknown, likely 1,500–3,000+
Casualties and losses
  • 64 dead
  • 255 injured
  • 421 dead
  • 721 injured
  • 221 executed[note 1]

The Battle of Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor (Creeperian SpanishCreeperian: Բատաժա դե Տփխտլա Մարտձնեզ–Պանաճոր; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Batalla de Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor), alternatively known as the Battle of TMP (Բատաժա դե ՏՄՊ; Batalla de TMP), was a prison riot and escape attempt which lasted for two weeks between 3 May and 16 May 1988.



Riot and escape attempt

Week 1: 3–9 May

Week 2: 10–16 May


Creeperian government



Subsequent mass executions

Government coverup

Rumors and conspiracies

Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor Papers confirmation

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  1. Only includes prisoners executed during the battle.