Battle of Illum

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Battle of Illum
Part of The Ossinian insurrection
Date26 May 2020
Result Malgan Victory
  • Flag of the Heavenly State of God.png Heavenly State of God
  • Strength

    Malgan: 28,000

    Paleocacherian: 1,485
    Casualties and losses
    876 3,890

    The Battle of Illum was a battle fought from 4/26/20 to 4/30/20 between forces of the Malgan 34th and 35th divisions, the Paleocacherian _________, against the Heavenly State of God forces within the town of Illum. This was the first major battle in the Ossinian Insurrection.

    The battle started with a heavy barrage from the Malgan artillery and air wings, before Malgan and Paleocacherian armored elements and mechanized infantry moved into the outer town. Heavy fighting continued for 4 more days until the majority of the town was under Malgo-Paleocacherian control. Heavy fighting occured within the center of Illum, mainly the central plaza and bank, where heavy casualties were sustained by the Malgan forces. The battle finally ended when the town hall (which had been heavily fortified) surrendered, after 12 hours of bombardment by Malgan forces.

    Paleocacherian Participation

    Paleocacherian troops of the 2nd Infantry Brigade and the 4th Mechanized Infantry Division were flown into the city of Goldburg starting on the 22nd of April. After a few initial operations outside of Goldburg, a Paleocacherian regiment sized force composed of an infantry battalion, mechanized battalion, and support elements attacked the insurrectionist positions in the north end of the city. This detached unit, known as the Tiger Force entered the northern suburbs of Illum on the 27th. They were accompanied by armored forces from Koryo also operating out of Goldburg. The city's northern suburbs were secured by the morning of the 28th. Reinforcements were brought up including Cascavel armored cars and the streets were cleared of insurgents. While Koryoan troops secured the remnants of the northern and eastern outskirts and mopped up resistance, the Paleocacherian troops pushed into the downtown area and linked up with Malgan forces around the center city plaza. Paleocacherian forces provided support to the Malgans who finished off the rest of the insurgents in the town hall and main bank. Paleocacherian troops suffered four killed and seventeen wounded during the battle of the city. On May 5-7, Paleocacherian forces started another assault on a fortress-church in the mountains to the east of Illum. The 500 odd HSG garrison there was almost entirely killed when Paleocacherian commandos raided the building. Paleocacherian forces suffered 26 casualties with eleven killed here. Several HSG officers were captured. They were flown back to Goldburg for questioning.