Battle of Denshire (1943)

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Battle of Denshire
Part of the Creeperian Civil War
Destruction in a Berlin street.jpg
The streets of Denshire following the battle.
DateSeptember 1, 1943-September 18, 1943
(2 weeks and 3 days)

Romerist Victory

Creeperopolis Catholic Imperial Restoration Council Socialist red flag.svg National Council for Peace and Order
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Rafael Dávalos Villa Socialist red flag.svg Jairo Carballar Alcocer
51,000 45,000
Casualties and losses
2,300+ dead 2,500+ dead

The Battle of Denshire was a battle of the Creeperian Civil War which saw the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council gain control of the southern city of Denshire from National Council for Peace and Order hands. The capture of the city allowd for the Denshire Massacre to occur the following year in 1944.