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Federation of Baltanla

Liên Bang Baltanla
Flag of Baltanla
Coat of arms of Baltanla
Coat of arms
Motto: Không có Đảng Dân chủ sẽ không có Baltanla mới!
 Without the Democratic Party, There Will be no New Baltanla!
Location of Baltanla in Terraconserva.
Location of Baltanla in Terraconserva.
LocationRainforest Country with Towering Western and Eastern Mountains and loads of trains
CapitalBaltanla City, Hanoia
Official languagesBaltanian.
Recognised national languagesMonsilvan.
Ethnic groups
Ethnic group Baltanian 87%
Ethic group Monsilvan 8%
Other 5%<
Demonym(s)Baltanian, Baltanlan
GovernmentFederal Semi-Presidental Parliamentary Republic
Quoc Phi Nguyen
Tram Thi Minh
• Baltanian Confederacy
350 BC
• Kingdom of Baltanla
• Empire of Baltanla
• First Republic of Baltanla
• Militarist Revolution
• Second Republic of Baltan;a
• Socialist/Communist Republic of Baltanla
• Federal States/Federation of Baltanla
August 15th 1989
• 2022 estimate
175 million
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
4.9 Trillion credits]
• Per capita
Gini (2022)34.2
HDI (2022)0.898
very high
CurrencyBaltanian Auro (ISO)
Time zoneAMT+4 (BST)

Baltanla, Officially named t Federal States of Baltanla (Baltanian: Cộng hòa Baltanlan liên bang) is a Medium Sized Nation on Ostlandet Continent Bordering 8 Countries (Hazbin, Yourtanad, Akvarelusus Mediternia and Mulyo-Nala and Monsilva) Which the Official Language is Baltanian but with some Jackian and Others with Buddhism being the most followed religion. The Federal Republic Borders the Acrenis Ocean and Kiuv Ocean With its main exports being Planes Trams Trains and High Tech Computers being a Technocratic Nation of 175 Million Baltanlans. Which Baltanla is also a Major Promethium and small producer of Europium


Isolated Period

Baltanla was a Kingdom in 304 BC but Records Date back to 2000 BC and during 304-1200 was mostly Isolation and learning more advanced technologies and overtime in 1300 a Baby Boom Happens in the Kingdom and More People are Employed in Mines after Gold was Found in the Ansa Range and Mostly through would be normal kingdomism things and people living a kingdom life until 1400 when the Baltanian Kingdom Clashes Happen Between the Seattal Kingdom but also Warlords like the Ena and Asna and many other warloads and Kingdoms Clashing with the Baltanian Kingdom until 1493


1500 the Baltanian People would be United Under Seattal's Rule and The Zhou Dynasty or Monsilva would be peacefully annexed with no one know why and the Kingdom of Sthyx Annexed into the Empire and For Decades Baltanla would be intergreting these lands giving rights and building more walls which is still seen to this day. in the 1730s the Zhou Dynasty Breaks away from Baltanla after a Referendum but Sthyx Stays in the Empire and for the rest of the years would be The Empire until 1780 when the First Baltanian Civil war Enraged

Empire of Baltanla King in 1780.

Industrialization Era

1800-1900 was the Industrial Period as Funding is spilt for Industry Railroading (1806) and other development things such as better houses Roads ports ships and more industry as they started mining Coal for More Energy from the Riva Mountain Range as the Federal Republic Finally gets out of Isolation and Would start Trading with exporting and importing things.


1917-1928 was the [Tri-Civil War]] Which was the Federal Republic, the Rising Communists and the Fascists and long story short the Communists wons which sent the democrats in Exile to Muylo-Nala until moved to Paleocacher

The FS of Baltanla

After the Fourth Baltanian Civil war development started as The First President would start more trading and get out of isolation making a new Travel Advisory, joining TAC and OU and Increasing the Military Budget and Massive Development of Examples like the Baltanian Railways Foundation of Many Departments and Agencies Along with the Creation of FBR (Federal Baltanlan Railway) And Declaring a New National Animal The Baltanian Coon which is a cat.

Space Program of Baltanla

The Space Program of Baltanla started in 2006 as the Sucessor of the Communist Agency of Baltanla as rocket testing more advanced telescopes and satellites start to be made and in 2010 would see the Baltanian Xuan Satellite be Launched and between 2012-2017 another 10 satellites are made and then another 4 between 2016-17 to 2021 with the last one launched called Baltanian Quoc Phi Nguyen.


The Baltanian Economy is Mainly focused on Exporting Trains and Tech Ships and many things having diamond gold and Europium and Large Promethium Reserves Exporting Trains to Foreign Neighbors


Tourism is a Medium Part of the Baltanian Economy with Tourism being Massively High due to people wanting to visit the Mountains and Rainforests Baltanla has, Making Baltanla a place tourists go too other reasons include those wanting to land here and then drive there car to a different country


Baltanla is Full of Public Transit Managed by the Baltanian Department of Transportation with many Communter Services and Trains for communting every 15 Minutes and Intercity every 30 Minutes with a Massive Freight Network and all Warehouses served by Rail. Buses are Everywhere Along with All Electric Light Rail and Buses being Mostly Clean Energy and Receive a massive number of ridership every year. Tourists are Advised to use the Tourist Transport Baltanla Provides but most will take rental cars. =Geography of Baltanla

A climate map of Baltanla.


Green is Warm and Suitable for Agriculture Yellow Green is Very Warm (Equator) Light blue is Cold Lands Dark Blue is Very Cold (Mountains)And Light Green is Warmer but not Equator Warm (Rain Forests)

Baltanla is a Fertile and Warm Area Being in Central Ostlandet and on the Equator to the East is the Xuan Mountains and to the West and Southwest is the Buddhisa Range, Baltanla has this to its advantage with East and Western Attacks but Also The Rain Forests having Train men and making it Hell for People, But that can come with Disadvantages Baltanla is Very Flat in the south and on the coast Easy for Naval Invasions and Stuff


Government and politics

Political System

Federal States

Baltanla has 15 Federal States in the Federation and 2 Districts the Most Populated is the Baltanla City and Seattal States.

Crime and law enforcement

Crime is Very Low in Baltanla due to many Policies and Law Enforcement being Mildly Funded enough to be stable with Bribery not being a thing and most Baltanian Law Enforcement are happy to be it.

Foreign relations

Foreign Relations are the Lowest in Sur and South Ecros Expect Pavulturilor with the Highest in The Following Countries: Monsilva, Jackson, Zuidwesten, Eleutherios and Paleocacher