Ayreoshubic paganism

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Ayreoshubic paganism
Scenes from Ayreoshubic mythology depicted in ancient art.
Date Founded~6000 BCE
Location FoundedAyreoshubic Kingdom
Members3 million

Ayreoshubic paganism refers to the religion practiced in the Ayreoshubic Kingdom. The religion encompasses a wide set of beliefs and rituals that were essential to the culture of the ancient Ayreoshubians. When the Ayreoshubic Kingdom collapsed in 4000BC, the religion spread throughout the continent. However after the rise and spread of Christianity and Islam, Ayreoshubic paganism has become a dead religion. Póniepans in Terranihil are the last followers of an evolved version of Ayreoshubic paganism known as Atrienism.




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Ayreoshubic theology is polythiestic, containing a single pantheon of gods, as well as lesser supernatural beings. The gods are immortal, but not omnicient or omnipotent. In many myths, they had to overcome great obstacles or were betrayed by other gods or even humans. The gods were not all-good or all-evil either but had strengths and flaws. The gods were often depicted as influencing and interacting with humans but not controlling them.

Telra is the goddess of the earth, mountains, motherhood and fertility. She is the mother of all life, mortal and immortal. The Ayreoshubians worshipped Telra the most out of any god. They would pray to her for fertile soil, plentiful harvests and healthy children. Ancient Ayreoshubic art often depicts her as a pregnant woman with very long hair and large breasts, or metaphorically as a tall mountain. Telra is also depicted as the overworld. Her patron animal is the horse.

Abesis is the god of the underworld, death, greed and jealousy. He is the husband of Telra and had four children with her: Caeleth, Tempea, Lunene and Solum. His patron animals are the crow and spider. He is often depicted as a figure clothed in a black cloak. Abesis is also portrayed as the underworld itself, existing under Telra. After growing spitefull towards her, he began wanting to overcome Telra and rise up as the overworld. He swallows the souls of the humans and animals that Tempea slays, because they give him energy to fight against Telra.

Caeleth is the god of the sky, ocean, storms and childhood. He is the son of Telra and Abesis. When Telra and Abesis fell in love, she became pregnant with Caeleth for a millenia, and when he was born, he erupted from her uterus and up into the sky. Distraught at being separated from his mother after so much time, he weeped and screamed for another millenia, until he had filled the crevaces of the earth with water, thus creating the oceans and seas. When he sleeps, it is night; when he is sad, it rains; when he is angry, it storms. The sun and moon are his two eyes. Caeleth is depicted as a child who never grows older. His patron animals are the eagle and whale.

Lunene is the goddess of the moon, beauty, pleasure and lust. Her patron animal is the rabbit.

Solum is god of the sun, wisdom and rationality. His patron animal is the wolf.

Tempea is the goddess of time and the daughter of Telra and Abesis. Telra swore to never have another child after the long pregnancy and violent birth of Caeleth. Abesis disagreed with her decision but continued to love her. However, when Telra became pregnant and birthed humans and animals, he became angry and raped Telra. She then became pregnant and had Tempea. The anger of her father was seeded in Tempea, and she began slaughtering humans and other animals who were previously immortal. Abesis then swallowed the souls of the dead and kept them in the underworld. Caeleth began using his bright eyes, the sun and moon, as well as lighting, to blind and electrecute Tempea in an attempt to prevent her from killing all of life. Tempea is depicted as a winged woman wielding a knife to kill humans and animals.

Silven is the god of the forest, harvest and seasons. His patron animal is the deer.

Cimbane is the god of war, violence and fire. His patron animal is the hyena.

Carmis is the goddess of art, music and language. Her patron animal is a songbird.

Origin of Life

Telra became pregnant despite not having sex after the birth of Caeleth. She was pregnant for nine months and then gave birth to humans and all other animals form birds to insects to fish. They all emerged from her at once and populated the earth.


When one is slayed by Tempea, Abesis grabs the soul and swallows it. The soul is described as similar to the body in shape but is not tangible. Abesis in the physical sense is a barren world of ash, volcanos and vile creatures. The souls of the dead try to get back to Telra by digging. The creatures of Abesis attempt to stop them, but many manage to reach the overworld. If they do, their bodies have already decayed, so instead they rise and sit with Caeleth in the sky as stars. From there, they watch over their loved ones on earth.