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كومنولث أوربيشيا المتحدة
Det forente samveldet av Aurebeshia
Recognised regional languagesAzumanakan, Reian, Euazy, Gandorian , Lyoan ,Malgish, Quebecshirite, Shazaqanic, Spanish, Terranilian, Xussman, Ziqaric, French
Confederal LanguagesArabic
TypeFree Trade Organization
Nations 7     
• Chancellor
Tadeas Kirkov
EstablishmentFebruary 10th, 2020
48,887,561 km2 (18,875,593 sq mi)
• 2019 estimate
• Density
23.1/km2 (59.8/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)42.14436 trillion DQ estimate
• Per capita
37,295 DQ

The United Commonwealth of Aurebeshia (Arabic: كومنولث أوربيشيا المتحدة ) is the world's largest alliance, consisting of six member nations. Its members hold a combined population of over 1 billion, and a GDP of 37 trillion DQ. Member nations have agreed to act as one in terms of a joint economic zone, and to elect a legislative parliament called the Aurebeshia Council. Aurebeshia was preceded by the Blue Economic Zone until February 10th 2020 when Aurebeshia was officially formed.



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The Legislative portion of the government of Aurebeshia is made up of the Council of Aurebeshia with two elected houses, the Congress of Aurebeshia and the Senate of Aurebeshia. The Congress of Aurebeshia is made up of elected officials in constituencies that hold a population of 1 million people which total, as of April 14th, gives the Congress 1,049 seats. The Senate of Aurebeshia is made up of 15 members from each nation either appointed, elected or both depending on the region which in total gives 75 senators.


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The Executive authority is held by the Chacellor of Aurebeshia, currently Tadeas Kirkov, and hold the authority to sign off bills as well as manage the departments.

Ministries of Aurebeshia

The ministries of Aurebeshia help execute the actions of the Council of Aurebeshia. Most are located outside the capital, Cordoba.

Ministry Name Headquarters Details
Ministry of Agriculture Qonqordia, Greater Sacramento Regulates and oversees Agricultural Production throughout Aurebeshia.
Ministry of Aviation and Airspace Control Ibrahamshah, Greater Sacramento Manages the airspace and regulates to ensure the safety of persons on planes.
Ministry of Drugs and Medicine Cordoba, Greater Sacramento Regulates and oversees Pharmaceuticals and helps provide resources for research
Ministry of the Environment Azomanca, Malgax Sets environmental regulations and enforces ecological ordinances and protections.
Ministry of Infrastructure Havina, Malgax Sets regulations for infrastructure development and oversees construction of roads, railways, airports, and harbors.
Ministry of Travel Asr El Ziqara, Greater Sacramento Sets regulations and advisories for travelling to regions both within and outside Aurebeshia.
Ministry of Transportation Maungis, Malgax Oversees all forms of transportation within Aurebeshia and sets and enforces regulations on all forms of domestic travel.
Ministry of Justice Liberty City, Paleocacher Oversees cooperation between domestic Aurebeshian law enforcement agencies and the prosecution of crimes that transcend international borders.
Ministry of Defense New Union City, New Gandor Oversees cooperation and coordination of Aurebeshian state members military forces.


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