August 2020 LCN Hunger Games

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August 2020 LCN Hunger Games
LocationThe League of Conservative Nations
DateAugust 24, 2020
Attack type
Anarchy, riots, murder, pillaging, looting, rape, crimes against humanity, no quarter, protesting, torture
PerpetratorsConsulate of the Republic

The 2020 LCN Hunger Games occured on August 24, 2020.

Course of Events


Day 1

  • Quebecshire thought about home.
  • Legion forced Zion to kill Furby or Karimun. Zion refused so Legion killed him.
  • Some Corn tended to Lyoa's wounds.
  • Gagium attacked Dragon but he escaped.
  • Spode Humbled Minions and Washingtonian Republic hunted for tributes.
  • San Carlos Islands, Icaris, Willdaive, Kanjuura, and Greater Sacramento hunted for tributes.
  • Calamari searched for firewood.
  • Amaan land and New Gandor split up to search for food.
  • Gjorka constructed a shack.
  • Eminople bleed out due to untreated injuries.
  • Terranihil attempted to spear a fish with a trident.
  • Dragon climbed a tree to rest.
  • Some Corn was unable to start a fire.
  • Lyoa cried himself to sleep.
  • Greater Sacramento saw a fire but stayed hidden.
  • Icaris and Quebecshire talked about the tributes still alive.
  • Amaan land speared Washingtonian Republic.
  • Kanjuura recieved fresh food from an unknown sponsor.
  • Karimun lead Willdaive into his shelter.
  • Calamari was unable to start a fire.
  • San Carlos Islands thought about home.
  • Terranihil recieved medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
  • Gjorka tried to sing himself to sleep.
  • New Gandor and Gagium told stories about themselves.
  • Spode Humbled Minions went to sleep.
  • Legion cired himself to sleep.
  • Furby screamed for help.

Day 2

  • Kanjuura went hunting.
  • Legion made a wooden spear.
  • San Carlos Islands picked flowers.
  • Dragon diverted Amaan land's attention away and ran away.
  • Quebecshire explored the arena.
  • Spode Humbled Minions decapitated Willdavie.
  • Some Corn discovered a river.
  • Calamari constructed a shack.
  • Gjorka ran away from New Gandor.
  • Karimun hunted for tributes.
  • Terranihil, Lyoa, Icaris, and Greater Sacramento raided Furby while hunting.
  • Gagium discovered a river.
  • Quebecshire, Spode Humbled Minions, and New Gandor discussed the games.
  • Icaris, Greater Sacramento, and Gagium slept in shifts.
  • Calamari tended to Terranihil's wounds.
  • Legion, Gjorka, Dragon, Furby, and Lyoa slept in shifts.
  • San Carlos Islands received medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
  • Amaan land, Some Corn, and Karimun slept in shifts.
  • Kanjuura received an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

Day 3

  • Kanjuura discovered a river.
  • Terranihil searched for a water source.
  • Quebecshire begged for Greater Sacramento to kill him but he refused.
  • Spode Humbled Minions set off an explosive killing Furby, Legion, Some Corn, and Amaan land.
  • Lyoa and Dragon split up to search for resources.
  • New Gandor hunted for tributes.
  • Gjorka received medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
  • Icaris received fresh food from an unknown sponsor.
  • Karimun picked flowers.
  • Calamari camouflaged himself in bushes.
  • Gagium defeated San Carlos Islands in a fight.
  • Gagium thought about winning.
  • Gjorka went to sleep.
  • Dragon stepped on a landmine.
  • Calamari and Terranihil slept in shifts.
  • Kanjuura went to sleep.
  • New Gandor committed suicide.
  • Quebecshire killed Lyoa after convincing him he wouldn't.
  • Karimun died of hyperthomia.
  • Greater Sacramento tended to his wounds.
  • Spode Humbled Minions killed San Carlos Islands and Icaris in a fight.

The Feast

  • Gagium decided to not go to the feast.
  • Gjorka and Spode Humbled Minions fought Sacramento and Calamari. Gjorka and Spode survived while Greater Sacramento and Calamari died.
  • Kanjuura severely slices Terranihil with a sword.
  • Quebecshire decided to not go to the feast.

Day 4

  • Spode Humbled Minions received water from an unknown sponsor.
  • Quebecshire collected fruit from a tree.
  • Kanjuura was prickled by thorns.
  • Gjorka searched for a water source.
  • Gagium collected fruit from a tree.
  • Spode Humbled Minions attempted to start a fire but failed.
  • Gagium bashed in Quebecshire's head against a rock.
  • Gjorka strangled Kanjuura with a rope.

Day 5

  • Gagium received a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
  • Spode Humbled Minions found a river.
  • Gjorka tried to sleep through the entire day.
  • Gagium strangled Gjorka after a fist fight.
  • Spode Humbled Minions fell into a pit and died.
  • Gagium won.


  • Gagium bet 5,000 a stayer will die first while Quebecshire bet 5,000 a citizen would die first. Gagium lost.


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