Attempted assassination of Ernest Pyle

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Attempted Assassination of Ernest Pyle
Part of Global 2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests
Crime Scene Investigators at work outside of the park.
DateJune 4, 2020
LocationMiddle Park, Liberty City, Paleocacher
GoalsAssassinate Ernest Pyle
MethodsSniper shot from a rooftop, escape by plane
StatusFailed, Wrong person shot, Multiple Perpetrators arrested
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures
Xusma.jpeg Lev Shchegolyayev
Terranihil Dreichren Ermák (alleged)
Paleo Flag 1.png Ernest Pyle
Paleo Flag 1.png James Fulkerson
6 Xussman Mercenaries from G4S
200+ Police officers and security personnel
unknown number of civilians
Casualties and losses

On June 3, 2020 the government of Terranihil released a public statement calling for the assassination of Ernest Pyle, calling him a terrorist and an enemy of the state. The Xussman Mercenary company G4S allegedly offered to kill Pyle on behalf of the Terranilian government. Officials in the government allegedly agreed and hired the mercenaries to do the job. On June 4, 2020 mercenaries were flown into Paleocacher to conduct the operation. After bypassing airport security the mercenaries took positions on the roof of a hotel on the north end of Middle Park in Liberty City. Mr. Pyle and Liberty City Mayor Raimundo Galicias met on the stage where Mr. Pyle was to be presented with a literature award for his outstanding journalism. The sniper fired at the wrong time and hit the mayor in the head instead of Pyle. The mercenaries then began to make their escape. At the same time, a parking enforcement officer of the Liberty City Police Department attempted to make contact with the driver of the mercenaries' getaway vehicle. The mercenary began shooting at responding officers, killing one and wounding another. After a short gunfight, the mercenary was dragged from the car by the parking enforcement officer and several bystanders and was arrested. The rest of the mercenaries ziplined to the building where the getaway car was parked. Upon finding that their vehicle was surrounded by police they fled out the back way and carjacked a bystander. A police chase and running gunbattle ensued through the streets of the downtown business district and several pedestrians were injured or killed by the reckless driving of the mercenaries as they attempted to get away. Eventually they lost the police by the docks and boarded a seaplane, making their escape.

Paleocacherian authorities put out an alert to authorities in Reia and Koryo hoping that they could stop the seaplane. Authorities in Reia sent out fighter jets and monitored radars closely for unidentified aircraft. The seaplane landed on near the city of Sasebo to refuel and the mercenaries were promptly captured. Two of the mercenaries, the getaway driver and the sniper were extradited to Paleocacher after the country paid Reian authorities a reward for their capture. The remaining three were deported to Xusma. The extradited mercenaries received deals from a Paleocacherian prosecutor. The three captured mercenaries pled no contest to 2nd degree murder charges with lenient sentences in exchange for testifying that the government of Terranihil hired G4S to assassinate Mr. Pyle. Sentencing and allocutions were scheduled for June 12th. On June 12th all three of the charged mercenaries received prison sentences of 20 years to life for second degree murder.

In Late July of 2020 the Xussman Government filed an application to the Terraconserva International Court seeking the release of the G4S mercenaries held in Paleocacher. The Paleocacherian government filed a counter suit requesting the extradition of several individuals for a major international Cross-Borders Criminal trial. The Terraconserva Council of Nations has yet to decide to hear either case.