Atlántidan Defense Militia

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Atlántidan Defense Militia
Milicia de Defensa do Atlántida
Also known asMDA, Os Heroes en Negro
Dates of operation1944–1952, 1979–present
Country Atlántida
Atlántidan Nationalism (1949–1952)
Anti-Drug Trafficking
Political positionFar-Right
Notable attacks1944 Atlántidan Murders
Victoria Massacre
SizeUnknown, possibly 300+
Allies Atlántida (until 1949)
Creeperopolis Romerists (until 1949)
Opponents Creeperopolis (from 1949)
Creeperopolis Miguelists (until 1949)
23x15px Vigilant Atheists
Mara Salvatrucha
Battles and warsCreeperian Civil War
Mara War
FlagAtlántidan Defense Militia.png
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Greater Sacramento

The Atlántidan Defense Militia (Atlántidan Spanish: Milicia de Defensa do Atlántida, Creeperian Spanish: Milicia de Defense Atlántidañero, abbreviated as MDA, also known as Os Heroes en Negro or Los'Héroes en Negro, translated as The Heroes in Black) is a series of Atlántidan militias, likely composed of mostly police and military personnel, which mainly target Atheists, gang members, and other criminals. The group existed from 1944 to 1952 as a belligerent in the Creeperian Civil War and was resurrected in 1979. The group appears, then disappears, every year, usually committing around 5–7 murders per year.

The group's primary targets are gang members, most of whom associate with Mara Salvatrucha, Creeperopolis' largest criminal organization. Atheists are also another significant target of the group. As a consequence, the group has a generally favorable view among the public as gang members and Atheists are seen as a "pest" in Creeperian society. The group has been described as a death squad by domestic and foreign sources.

First MDA

Second MDA

Notable Killings

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