Army for the Rescue of Lyoa

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Army for the Rescue of Lyoa
Participant in Northern Lyoa Conflict
ARL Flag.png
Flag of the ARL as observed by the LNDF.
LeadersGeneral Charles Myanga (2011-2020)
General Yonni Katoka (2004-2011)
HeadquartersNorthern Lyoa
Area of operationsLyoa Flag.png Lyoa
Size1,000+ (2004)
~250 (2020)
Merged intoLyoan Revolutionary Command Council
AlliesFLA flag.png Free Lyoan Army
SenvarianLiberationFront.png Senvarian Liberation Front
Mara Salvatrucha
Opponent(s)Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa
Lyoan Liberation Forces (sometimes)
United Self-Defense Movement
Battles and war(s)Northern Lyoa Conflict
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis

The Army for the Rescue of Lyoa (abbreviated ARL) was a rebel group active in the north of Lyoa. It was founded in 2004 following the failed demobilization of former rebels of the Nationalist Front of the Lyoan Civil War. Its stated goals were the "defense of the Lyoan people from abuses by the Tigera regime".

Starting in 2013, it began collaborating with another rebel faction, the Free Lyoan Army, against government forces. The ARL seems to have joined alongside the FLA's nationalistic and revolutionary rhetoric, and the two groups had operated side-by-side ever since. The group merged into the Lyoan Revolutionary Command Council in 2020.