Antonio Kristianofilo

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Antonio Kristianofilo
Antonio Kristianofilo

(1820-08-22)22 August 1820
Died9 May 1880(1880-05-09) (aged 59)
Years active1850–1870
Notable work

Antonio Kristianofilo (22 August 1820 – 9 May 1880) was a famed Rakeoian author, known for his fictional works that addressed the dangers of the logging industry, opposition to Creeperian colonialism, and his pseudo-memoir about his youth growing up in rural Paragon Menora.

Early Life

Born into a working class family of eight in the woods of Paragon Menora, at 17, he moved downriver to a logging encampment which sent lumber to a downstream water mill. He worked there as a saw tooth sharpener, eventually leaving after six years to pursue an education in writing.


In 1846, Kristianofilo attended university for a year, before having a violent dispute with the dean which resulted in his expulsion and arrest.


Pancakes and Blood (Rakeoian: Krespoj kaj Sango) was Kristianofilo's first and most successful book. It portrayed a group of lumber workers, and mysterious accidents that occur at their lumber camp after a Creeperian is assigned as their overseer. The men become suspicious of the boss, and work together and kill him through drowning. It was written while Kristianofilo was imprisoned for assault.

Life was Simpler Then (Rakeoian: La Vivo estis Pli Simpla Tiam) was Kristianofilo's second book.