Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University

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Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University
Փնիվերսիդադ Անտոնիո Ջոսէ Սըենզ յ Հերեդիա
Universidad Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia
Coat of arms of UAJSH.
Coat of arms of UAJSH.
Former name
University of San Romero
MottoRuega por'nosotros, San Romero.
Viva'l Caudillo, Sáenz Heredia.

(Pray for us, Saint Romero. Hail the Caudillo, Sáenz Heredia.)
Established30 March 1622; 400 years ago (1622-03-30)
FounderSalvador II
Religious affiliation
Creeperian Catholicism
Endowment₡240 billion colóns
(₵30 billion credits)
ChairmanManuel Pardo Arboleda
RectorJosé Payés Casanova
PrincipalPedro Arnal Piñón
DeanSebastian Seco Atenas
Academic staff
Administrative staff
2339 Avenida Sáenz Heredia, San Romero, San Romero, Creeperopolis
LanguageCreeperian Spanish
Average EXACUN score
1,168 / 1,326
Sporting affiliations
MascotFalangist soldier
Logo of UAJSH.

Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University (Creeperian SpanishCreeperian: Փնիվերսիդադ Անտոնիո Ջոսէ Սըենզ յ Հերեդիա; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Universidad Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia; abbreviated as ՓԱՋՍՀ or UAJSH, or sometimes ՓԱՍՀ or UASH [pronounced: /u-aʃ/ (Creeperian Spanish) or /juː-æʃ/ (Jackian)], formerly known as and sometimes simply referred to as the University of San Romero; Creeperian Spanish – Creeperian: Փնիվերսիդադ դե Սան Րոմերո; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Universidad de San Romero, abbreviated as ՓՍՐ or USR) is a private university in San Romero, San Romero, Creeperopolis. The university is considered to be the best and most prestigious in Creeperopolis and one of the best and most prestigious in Sur.

The university was established on 30 March 1622 by the royal decree of King Salvador II, making it one of the oldest active universities in Creeperopolis. The University of San Romero, as it was originally named, was primarily focused on educating clergy for the Creeperian Catholic Church and politicians. The institution was secularized by successive Liberal Prime Ministers, however, following the dissolution of the First Parliament, the university returned to being influenced by the Catholic Church. During the Adolfisto, the university attained its status as the "most prestigious" in Creeperopolis, out preforming other universities such as the University of Jesús Cristo in San Salvador and the House of Martínez–Pelayo University in Tuxtla Martínez.

Politicians of the Second Parliamentary Era attempted to secularize and nationalize the university, but student protests successfully prevented the secularization and nationalization of the university. During the Creeperian Civil War, the university was used as a barracks for soldiers of the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council who held control of the city of San Romero throughout the entire war. The University of San Romero was renamed to the Antonio José Sáenz Heredia University on 4 June 1957 after Antonio Sáenz Heredia, a prominent Creeperian politician and Mayor of San Romero, by the imperial decree of Emperor Romero II.

The university is considered the best in Creeperopolis as it has produced more award winning and acclaimed alumni, faculty, and researchers than any other university in the country. The university has been ranked number one by the Gaceta Creeperiano every year since 1983 in its annual Creeperian University Report. The university's soccer team, the Romerists, is considered one of the best in the country, having won 23 national championships since its establishment in 1910 and it is the only team in the country to have won 5 national titles in 5 consecutive years from 2001 to 2005. The university operates the Sáenz Heredia Chronicle which is regarded as one of the most reliable and credible university independent newspapers in Creeperopolis. As of 2019, the average National University Acceptance Exam (EXACUN) score at the university was 1,168 out of 1,326, the highest average in Creeperopolis.


First Parliamentary Era

Manuelisto and Adolfisto

Second Parliamentary Era and Civil War

Modern day

Organization and administration


Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University operates on a single campus in urban San Romero. It is on the coastline of the Bay of Salvador. The campus is composed of 36 buildings, a professional soccer field for practice for the university's soccer team, 5 tennis courts, four auditoriums, four cafeterias, two clinics, a museum, a pier, and two libraries. The university offers several restaurants, including Pollo Campero, Pollo Campestre, Taco Bell, In and Out, and a campus pupuseria.

Academic faculties

Academic departments


The Yoke and Arrows.

Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University uses heavily political and religious iconography and imagery. The coat of arms of the university itself implements the Crown of Creeperopolis and the yugo y flechas (yoke and arrows), the logo of the Catholic Royalist Party and the Falange Creeperiano. Images of Sáenz Heredia are common in the university as he is the namesake of the university. Due to the heavy political association with Sáenz Heredia, the university possesses a right-wing political leaning and bias.


The motto of Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University is:

Րփեգա պոր'նոսոտրոս, Սան Րոմերո. Վիվա'լ Ծափդիժո, Սըենզ Հերեդիա.
Ruega por'nosotros, San Romero. Viva'l Caudillo, Sáenz Heredia.
Pray for us, Saint Romero. Hail the Caudillo, Sáenz Heredia.


Undergraduate programs

Postgraduate programs

Athletics and sports


Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University's soccer program is known as the Romerists. It was founded in 1910 and has won 23 national championships since its establishment. The team won 9 championships in the 11 year span of 2001 to 2011, the so-called "Romerist Empire," winning 5 in a row from 2001 to 2005, the only team to ever win 5 in a row, and 3 in a row from 2009 to 2011, the third time in the team's history, with the other two times being from 1921 to 1923 and the 2001 to 2003 span until it became 4 in a row in 2004 and later 5 in a row in 2005. The team has recorded 8 perfect regular seasons in its history, and 4 of them resulted in championships.

Current technical staff

Role Name
Head Coach Gonzalo Ventaja Molina
Assistant Coach Mario Sanchéz Ureña
Athletic Director Emmanuel Marisco Aguilar
Team Manager Manuel Dávalos Zetas

Competitive record

Student life

Admissions rate

The admissions rate for Antonio José Sáenz y Heredia University historically has been one of the lowest in the country. The average acceptance rate is 5.13% per any given year. Since 1952, highest recorded admissions rate was 30.45% in 1952 while the lowest recorded rate was 2.30% in 2000. The admissions rate for 2020 was 5.24% and in 2019 it was 5.01%.


Notable people


a – indicates no degree/did not graduate


b – indicates alumni

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