Ankarabad Khadijha Erickson Sultani International Airport

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Ankarabad Khadijha Erickson Sultani International Airport

مطار أنكاراباد خديجة إريكسون سلطاني الدولي
Ar Heshubic Flight 884 taking off to Lafayette with Iqrasiya Airways Flight 158 to Ozmak
Airport typePublic
OwnerCity of Ankarabad
LocationAnkarabad, Greater Sacramento
Opened5 January 1981 (operational)
29 December 1981 (official)
Hub for
Focus city for
Time zoneAMT (UTC 00:00)
Elevation AMSL6.66 m / 22 ft
Direction Length Surface
m ft
4L/22R 3,353 11,000 Asphalt/Concrete
4R/22L 3,048 10,000 Asphalt
11/29 2,050 6,726 Asphalt
Number Length Surface
m ft
H1 16 54 Asphalt
Statistics (2019)
Passenger movementsIncrease 126,000,000
Air freight movements (tons)Increase 2,650,000
Aircraft movementsIncrease 400,000

The Ankarabad Khadijha Erickson Sultani International Airport, also known as the Ankarabad Airport, is the major civilian airport that serves the city of Ankarabad. It is also a major stopping point for transfers and flight connections and serves as a hub for many airlines. It is the busiest airport in the world. The airport is named after the former Mayor during 1965-1970, Khadijha Erickson Sultani.

The Airport Opened in January of 1981 with a single terminal which is now Terminal C. It was constructed to relive stress on the Ankarabad-Aliyahgarh Airport and the then existing Ankarabad-Maranpur Airfield. It was funded by the government of the Iqabaliyah Muqataea and the County and City of Ankarabad. Part of the project with building the airport was to build a 14 mile extensions to TS 697 from the TS 95 in the Aqrah District to the airport through the Izamana District.

Terminals and Facilities

Central Terminal

The Central Terminal (also known as Terminal C) is the entrance terminal for passengers entering the airport not through a flight aswell as the exit terminal to get into the main city of Ankarabad. Airport Blvd (the eastern extension TS 697) runs through the middle of the terminal which allows departure and arrival access to passengers and other people to access the airport. This was the original Terminal built and the oldest terminal in the airport. It had an extension in 2003.

Checkin Counter

Row Airlines
1 Alathlasiu Airlines
2 Alathlasiu Airlines
3 Alathlasiu Airlines
4 Iqrasiya Airlines
5 Sacramento Eastern United Airlines
6 Sacramento Eastern United Airlines
7 Sacramento Eastern United Airlines

North Terminal

The North Terminal (also known as Terminal N) was the second terminal to open opening in March 1982.

South Terminal

The South Terminal (also called Terminal S) is the newest Terminal which opened in 2002 and received two extensions, one in 2005 (going eastward) and one in 2012 (going southward).

Other Facilities

Airport Hotels

The only hotel in terminals of the airport is Crisis Facility Airport though hotels do exist in an area 2 miles away owned by the airport which can hold passengers even without a visa if needed which is typically needed of people who are not citizens of Aurebeshia nations and are staying in the airport for more than 16 hours. The hotels are accessible through Metro Line 31.

Airport Crisis Facilities

The Islamic Air Crisis Department runs a hotel in Terminal C as well as assistant areas located throughout the terminal for passengers stuck in the airport due to cancellations, crime, weather, or any other factor that the department considers to be out of control of the passenger.

Ankarabad Sky Mosque

Main Article: Ankarabad Khadijha Erickson Sultani International Airport Sky Mosque
The Ankarabad Sky Mosque is the a mosque located 1 mile away accessible through Metro line 31 to serve passengers in the Airport. While this is the main mosque there are prayer halls in the airport with some for only men, some for only women, and mixed ones as well that allow both genders.

Ground Transportation

Inter-terminal transportation

ANK Airport Metro
Terminal N (west near Gate N52)
Terminal N (east near Gate N26)
North Terminal C (west near Gate C4)
North Terminal C (east near Gate C16)
Terminal C North Access Viaduct
Parking Garage A
TS 697 to TS 199, TS 95 and AZ 49
TS 697 to Eastern Terminal C
Parking Garage B
Terminal C South Access Viaduct
South Terminal C (west near Gate C54)
South Terminal C (east near gate C41)
Terminal S (west)
Terminal S (east)

Airport Underground Metro

The Airport Metro serves to connect the Terminals and Parking garages with the C Terminal where all passengers getting out or into the airport have to go through. It serves with two lines that are parallel and do not cross at any point.

Airport Bus System

A small bus system exists in the airport to serve extremely busy times when the Airport Metro gets crowded. The buses can also be used in situations where the airplane was not able to dock at a gate and passengers either need to be transported to or from the plane.

External connections

Ankarabad Metro

Ankarabad Metro Line 31
ANK Intl Airport High Speed Rail Transfer Station
Airport Hotel District
ANK Sky Mosque
Terminal C North (connects to West Airport Metro Line)

The Ankarabad Metro has a direct stop in the C terminal with the 11, 26, 30, and 31 lines at the "Central Terminal North station" with the Airport Metro. Metro Line 31 is a controlled accesses line which allows passengers to use this line as if they are in the airport.

Ankarabad Highspeed Rail Network

A high speed rail station to serve the airport is located 3 miles away from the Airport which is accessible through the 31st Metro Line.


Taxi Stand at Terminal C South

Taxis are available at many sections of the C terminal and are kept separate from private traffic in arrival areas.

Car Rental

Car Rental serves are offered by private companies in the C Terminal though the cars themselves are located in the Parking Garage A or in a parking garage in proximity to the airport.

Bus System

Privately owned buses run through the airport located near the Northern side of the C Terminal.


The Airport is accessible directly from TS 199 and TS 695 Westbound through TS 697 (also known as the "Airport Highway" when in the Airport) in the airport.




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Most Popular Destinations


Rank Airport Passengers Carried (2019) Carriers
1 Cordoba 2,759,405 Andaluzian Airways, Ar Heshubic Airways, Iqrasiya Airlines, Sacramento Eastern United Airlines
2 Rafhareeq
3 Ibrahamshah
4 Fez
5 Fajar El Ziqara
6 Mecca-Medina Alrasul
7 Asr El Ziqara
8 Sacramento
9 Mushaiah
10 Zoqholm