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Subprovincial Capital
Ankarabad Skyline from Mulahabad facing into Wazirgarh with the Ankarabad Channel separating them
Ankarabad Skyline from Mulahabad facing into Wazirgarh with the Ankarabad Channel separating them
Etymology: "City of the Ankara Sultan"
The Gateway to Sacramento
“We have a history of our own but now we create a history with the Republic"
Coordinates: S -22.14 WE 0
CountryGreater Sacramento
Settled645 AD
Founded byEmir Zahrid Ankara
Named forthe Ankara Dynasty
 • TypeMetropolitan
 • WazierMaryim Almansur Sultani (Qahran Party)
16 m (52 ft)
 • Rank2nd in world)
 • Urban
20 million
 • Metro
27.5 million
Time zoneAMT0 (Ankarabad Mean Time)
Area code(s)
  • 020 (Main)
  • 019 (East)
  • 052 (Outskirts)
  • 031 (Select Areas)
Major airportAnkarabad Khadijha Erickson Sultani International Airport
Federal Highways91FHSE.png 94FHSE.png 98.png 191FHSE.png 194FHSE.png 291FHSE.png 294FHSE.png 391FHSE.png 394FHSE.png 491FHSE.png 494FHSE.png 694FHSE.png

Ankarabad is the largest city of Greater Sacramento located in the Azumanaka province. It is the commercial center for much of the region and is the largest port in the world as well as the second largest city in the world. It hosts the Ankarabad Stock Exchange the biggest market in the world as well as the busiest airport, the Ankarabad Khadijha Erickson Sultani International Airport.

It was founded by Emir Zahrid Ankara during the rise of Islam and was constructed to be the capital of the Emirate of Ankara. It remained an important trade city even after the collapse of the Emirate due to it's location the mouth of the Janub Sea. In 1853 it became the largest city in Greater Sacramento after over taking Asr El Ziqara and has been the largest city ever since it took the spot.


Under the Emirate of Ankara and Sultantate of Ankara

The city was founded during in 645 AD the rise of Islam under the Emir Zahrid Ankara who was from Rafhareeq and made it the capital of the Emirate of Ankara. When the Emirate of Ankara switched to becoming the Ankara Sultanate everyone in the city took on the title of "Sultan" or "Sultani" at the end pf their last names to signify they were from Ankarabad. Ankarabad remained the capital of the Ankara Sultanate until it was taken over by the Qunazicana Caliphate in 790 AD. During it's time under the Sultanate it was an important trading hub for the region but the city would not grow significantly until under the Islamic Republic of Greater Sacramento in 1515 AD.

Under the Qunazicana Caliphate

During the Qunazicana Caliphate the city saw stagnation in many aspects. Due to this for about 100 years revolution was brewing in Ankarabad as the rest of Azumanka and the Hejaz. The city was the hub for books that the Qunazicana Caliphate prohibited and many practiced Ayyad Islam in contrast to the Shiya Islam practiced by the Qunazicana Caliphate. In 896 the Governor of Ankarabad declared that Ankarabad was no longer under the governace of the Qunazicana Caliphate and swore allegiance to the Kashiludun Revolt which began the rise of the Kashiludun Caliphate

Under the Kashiludun Caliphate

After 896, the city was the major spot for Kashiludun support. When the Kashiludun Caliphate was established in 898 the city began to see population regrowth and was on pace to being one of the largest cities in the caliphate. The population exceeded 2 million in 1355 during this era. During the 1400s the city saw stagnation and somewhat of a decline and due to this many converted to Ahfariq Islam and revolution began to rise in the city.

Blue Flag Revolution

In 1495 the Ankarabad Republican Army took control of Ankarabad and became a leader city in the Blue Flag Revolution. The cities control grew until after the Conference of Asr El Ziqara where the local democratic armies united into the United Front for Islamic Democracy. In 1500 after the overthrowing of the Kashiludun Caliphate the city was mostly untouched by battles unlike Chaqaz and Fez.

Under the Early Islamic Republic

The city under the new Islamic Republic started to see population gain rapidly. The Ankarabad Stock Exchange was established in 1555 and in 1765 the population grew to 5 million and the city became the largest in Greater Sacramento. This was due to the city being at the entrance of Naztum Sea, the Janub Sea and the Eastern Ocean making it the entrance to all other major ports in Greater Sacramento.

Modern Day

During the the 1800s and 1900s the city saw extreme industrialization. The pollution in the city was reported to have been extremely bad to looked like fog. As this was a common problem in cities like Qahrdoba, Rafhareeq, and Ibrahamshah the Sacramatian Government installed environment regulations in 1966 and this resulted in Ankarabad being a cleaner city.

Today the city is the second largest city in the world only behind San Salvador in Creeperopolis. It hosts over 40 million people and is classified as an Aurek ++ city by the Globalization and Terraconserva Cities Research Network. The city's Amatullah El Medina Sultani International Airport is the busiest in the world due to it's geography and ability to connect the flights from Creeperopolis to Quebecshire and from the western cities of Eminople, Wildavie, and New Gandor to the western of the continent. It also hosts leading areas of the Sacramatian IT industry.




Fashion in Ankarabad conisist mainly of the traditional Azumankan styles. Women wear loose, shapeless dresses while men tend to wear coats and other cold weather essentials as Ankarabad is the coldest city in Greater Sacramento. The Burqa has come back into fashion since 2010 and many women choose to veil their face to this day though many will slip the mouth covering part off when indoor.

City Areas

Old City

The Old city of Ankarabad is located around the Ankarabad Channel. It hosts one of the oldest Mosques in the world, the Emir Zahrid Ankara Mosque which is the center piece for the old part of the city. The old city also gave birth to the tradition of Sabbayitha or Sacramatian Christmas. It was created during the rise of Islam when merchants brought Islam from Mecca to the area. One merchant started his own kingdom, the Emirate of Ankara and constructed this old city. Today it is the most densest are of the city and the oldest as well with notable cities being the Great Mosque of Ankarabad, the Ankarabad Town Square, and the Palace of the Ankara Emirs.


Aliyahgarh is the most populated district in Ankarabad located in the south west part of the city. It was originally a suburb of Ankarabad but slowly got absorbed into the main city. The Port of Aliyahgarh is one of the largest ports in the world and the main port of the Ankarabad area.


Wazirgarh is the second most populated district located on the southern banks of the Angurzah River and west of the Ankarabad Canal. It is a primary commuter spot for those going to the Marqaz District.


Mulahabad is located on the opposite side of the Angurzah River from Wazirgarh and features large gardens and the legislative building of Azumanaka.

Zila e Markaz

The Zila e Markaz, also called the Markaz District, is the central finical hub for Ankarabad.