Altaia Insurgency

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Altaia Insurgency
Part of Internal conflict in Lyoa
Kata Altaia Rebels.jpeg
Kata Altaia fighters pictured in 2019.
DateDecember 2019-2020
Altaia Province, Southern Lyoa
Result Beginning of Second Lyoan Civil War

Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa

Supported by:
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis

Kata Altaia
23px Republic of Altaia

Commanders and leaders
Lyoa Flag.png Kemoh Foday Justin Nzaenda
>100,000 LNDF personnel ~200 (Kata Altaia)
~25-40 (PAFA)
~30 (CPA)
~30-45 (CORAI)
Casualties and losses
~10 killed ~14 killed
  • Note: Casualty figures are hard to accurately determine due to lack of information.

The Altaia Insurgency was a military conflict in Lyoa between government forces and separatist militias advocating for the secession of the region. The conflict began in December 2019 after Kata Altaia rebels began attacking government forces in the area. The conflict expanded with the formation of the Patriotic Armed Forces of Altaia, a group which proclaimed the creation of a proto-state known as the "Republic of Altaia". Several more militia groups, such as the Coordination for a Referendum on Altaia's Independence (CORAI) and the Congress of the People of Altaia (CPA) have arisen as well, although their numbers were thought to be smaller than Kata Altaia. The conflict ended with the beginning of the Second Lyoan Civil War.