Ahfariq Islam

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Ahfariq Islam
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founderAbu al-Hudhayl al-'Allah
Founded date838 AD
Founded locationFez
Members249.5 million

Ahfariq Islam was founded in 856 AD by Abu al-Hudhayl al-'Allah when he published a book called Ahfariq al Dunya that talked about the rationalism of God and the Quran. Soon scholars of the time started teaching this and it became a sect of Islam. It was the majority religion in the Andalus Ziqara Union but when the union collapsed in 912 AD it lost many followers. It flourish however in Fez when under the Kashiludun Caliphate and in 1260 it started to grow again. Over the years after it spread across the Caliphate and by 1450 about 80% of Kashiludun Caliphate citizens adhered to the sect and by 1550 it became 95%.


The word Ahfariq is derived from the words Allah (الله) which means the one God and Fiqh (فقه) that was later joined to create the word "Allahfiqh" in got corrupted in Andaluzian Arabic to "Ahfariq" by the time the book was written. The word before the sect arose generally refereed to law of Allah and it's doctrines and this was published on the title of the book Ahfariq al Dunya which means "Allah's rule and the World".  

Religious Beliefs


Ahafriq Islam believes the Quran was spoken not written and thus the legitimacy of any part can be called into question as it believes the Quran was compiled by Human and reasons that if Allah wanted to send humans a book, Allah would have done so in a book and not expect humans to compile it. The sect also believes that the teachings of the Quran are fluid though and that every person should know Arabic to understand it in the context of their own life with a few set principals.


The Oneness of God is taken strictly in Ahfariq Islam. It teaches that if there is only Allah, Allah is free to do in it's will and that nothing else should be worshiped. It says though Allah has set order for the world with rules and that if we follow these rules with reason, logic, and to prove and understand what is happening about the world.


Sihr or Black Magic is something condemned in Islam though definition vary. In Ahfariq Islam it teaches that Sihr is irrational science which includes Astrology as well as other pseudo sciences. Ahfariq Islam stresses that Sihr does not mean learning as learning is done with reason where as Sihr means to do something without acceptance of rational according to the sect.


Generally most in this sect of Islam believe that evil is a source from the free will of the universe and that the universe was created with forces that know no good or bad. These forces are not alive but are created by Allah. It also regards life, as in free will, as a force and that many evils can be traced to human error and that humans no matter what will be some what evil as Allah is the only perfect one.