Ahfariq Islam

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Ahfariq Islam
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founderAbu al-Hudhayl al-'Allah
Founded date838 AD
Founded locationFez
Members249.5 million

Ahfariq Islam was founded was in a 9th century movement in Fez with a combination of the Ayyad Jamurans and Alhazi Euqaliwun. Both movements believed in a Republic form of government for the Ummah where the people had rights listed in the Quran and emphasis on independent religious thought and literacy.


The word Ahfariq is derived from the words Allah (الله) which means the one God and Fiqh (فقه) that was later joined to create the word "Allahfiqh" in got corrupted in Andaluzian Arabic to "Ahfariq". 


According to the Kitab Al-Eaqlaniat Al-Islam, a major book on Ahfariq Islam written in the 16 century, there are seven basic pillars that define the sect:

  1. Tawid: Monotheism
  2. Kitab: Belief that the Quran was spoken not written and the Gospels, Torah, Psalms, and Scrolls are books that should be used to help understand what was important in the time of revelation and what is important now
  3. Ra'y: A person has the right to interpret the verses for their own actions unless this impedes on the rights of another person
  4. Huquq: All persons have rights that should not be impeded on such as divorce, faith, life, and peaceful living
  5. Rasul: That Muhammad was the last prophet until the day of resurrection and that no persons between those two events is more connected to God than another in a social context
  6. Sharu: Evil is a result of free will in humans
  7. Salah: To pray at least three times a day and that Fajar and Isha prayers are mandatory.