Action Party for San Pedro

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Action Party for San Pedro

Partido de Acción por'San Pedro
LeaderJorge González Marées
FoundedApril 5, 1922
BannedSeptember 5, 1925
Membership (1923)120,000 (claimed)
Political positionFar-Left to Far-Right
(Big Tent)
ColorsBlue, White, Yellow, Red
SloganNuestro San Pedro
AnthemHimno de San Pedro
Party flag
Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg

The Action Party for San Pedro (Creeperian Spanish: Partido de Acción por'San Pedro, abbreviated PASP) was a separatist and nationalist party from the department of San Pedro which existed from 1922 until it was banned in 1925 following the San Pedro Incident on September 5, 1925.