Abdul I of Deltino

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Abdul I
Amir al-Mu'minin, Khalīfah
4th Caliph of Deltino
Reign16 February 740AD – 8 October 775AD
PredecessorJumail II bin Abu Kharzan
SuccessorAbdul II bin Abu Kharzan
BornAbdul al-Kharzan al-Rahman
Fez, Caliphate of Andaz
Died8 October 775AD (aged 65–66)
Harran, Caliphate of Deltino
IssueAbdul II bin Abu Kharzan
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Full name
Abdul I bin Abu Kharzan al-Kharzan al-Rahman
Posthumous name
the Conqueror Caliph
HouseHouse of Kharzan
FatherJumail II bin Abu Kharzan
ReligionDeltinian Islam

Abdul I bin Abu Kharzan (709AD – 8 October 775AD) was the Caliph of the Caliphate of Deltino from February 16, 740AD until his death on 8 October 775AD. He is famous for his victory over the Old Kingdom of Creeperopolis in the Deltinian-Creeperian War from 744AD to 745AD. He established the Emirate of Rabadsun as a Creeperian client state.