Abdul Baasid al-Shareef

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In this Deltinian name, the first or paternal surname is al-Shareef and the second or maternal family name is al-Abdullah.
Khalīfah, Amir al-Mu'minin, Jiniral Liwa‘

Abdul Baasid al-Shareef
A dirham of al-Shareef, 1337.
A dirham of al-Shareef, 1337.
Native name
عبد الباصيد محمد الشريف العبد الله
BornCaliphate of Deltino
Died4 October 1337
Hudahidah, Caliphate of Jakiz
Years of service? – 1337
Battles/warsCreeperian Crusade
Jakizi Civil War
Caliph of the Jakizi Caliphate
Reign17 November 1336 – 4 October 1337

Abdul Baasid Muhammad al-Shareef al-Abdullah (Deltinian: عبد الباصيد محمد الشريف العبد الله, transliterated: Abdul Baasid Muhammad al-Shareef al-Abdullah; died 4 October 1337), also known by his regnal name Abdul Baasid I bin Abu Shareef (عبدالباسعيد بن ابو شريفه, Abdul Baasid bin Abu Shareef), was a Deltinian military commander of the Emirate of Jakiz who declared himself as the caliph of the Caliphate of Jakiz in November 1336, beginning the Jakizi Civil War against the ruling House of Ishaaq.


Little is known about the early life of Abdul Baasid Muhammad al-Shareef al-Abdullah. He almost certainly served in some capacity for the Caliphate of Deltino during the Creeperian Crusade, and then served as a high ranking military commander for the Emirate of Jakiz after the fall of the caliphate in 1326.

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Abdul Baasid I bin Abu Shareef
Born: Unknown Died: 4 October 1337
Deltinian Islamic titles
New title Jakizi Caliph
Caliphate abolished