250 BC Chicxulub eruption

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250BC Chicxulub Eruption
Ilopango caldera.jpg
TypePlinian eruption
LocationSan Romero, Creeperopolis
VEI7 (Super-colossal)
ImpactDestruction of the Proto-Creeperian Civilization, famines across Iberia

The 250BC Chicxulub Eruption was a plinian volcanic eruption of the Chicxulub volcano in present-day San Romero, Creeperopolis.


Due to the age of the event, not much information is known of the causes of effects of the eruption. Definitive archeological evidence shows that the eruption lead to the abrupt destruction of the Proto-Creeperian Civilization. The civilization's dissapearence lead to the rise of the Creeperian Confederation 50 years later.

North of the Southern Landmass in present-day Greater Sacramento, the eruption lead to famines across Iberia leading to many Iberian Tribes dying out. The weakening of the Iberian Tribes allowed for one tribe, the Romanyans, to grow in strenght and conquer the other Iberian Tribes, forming the Romanyan Empire.

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