2021 The Embassy crisis

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2021 The Embassy crisis
Date15 February 2021 – 3 March 2021
(2 weeks and 2 days)

Defender victory

First phase
Lone Wolves United
The Black Hawks
Augustin Alliance
First phase
The Embassy government
Second phase
Lone Wolves United
The Black Hawks
Augustin Alliance
Second phase
World Assembly Security Council
10000 Islands
 The League of Conservative Nations
The Union of Democratic States
The Rejected Realms
The South Pacific
Other defenders
Commanders and leaders
Frenchy II
Spike Wilbury
President Drumpf
Muddy Wilbury
Island of Misfit Raiders
Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls
Uncentralized (first phase)
Kanta Hame
The League of Conservative Nations Quebecshire
The League of Conservative Nations Creeperopolis
60+ (15 Feb.)
19 (20 Feb.)
Unknown (15 Feb.)
31+ (20 Feb.)
Casualties and losses
0 91 banned

The 2021 The Embassy crisis was a combined political-military crisis in The Embassy in February and March 2021, initiated by a raider occupation of the region.


The Embassy's goal is self described as "to be the heart of interregional community on NationStates" through "[c]onnecting myriad diverse regions to each other".[xx] To achieve this, the region set about collecting over 3,500 embassies over the span of five years- Becoming the region with the most embassies on NationStates.

Because of both the prestige and infamy that mass embassy collection gave the region, it became the target of R/D groups. The Embassy was previously raided by The Wolf Clan in 2018, and a credible threat from the mainstream NSGP community against The Embassy's security arose due to their fascist embassies in 2020.

Operation Obama

Immediate aftermath

Moderator actions

Two posts were made by the NS moderators in the wake of the raid on The Embassy's RMB.[xx][xx] Eventually, the moderators would have to directly delete the embassies that had failed to be cancelled.

Technical difficulties

The embassy update following the cancelling of over 3500 embassies strained NationStates to its limits. While the embassy deletion process worked initially, it gradually ground to a halt.[xx] It is unclear how/if the ongoing database issues that were plaguing the website around the same time may have impacted this event. Because regional embassies were not cancelled, users found that they could continue to post messages to the regional message board.


New administration

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