2021 Multilateral Anti-Fascist raids

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Operation Order 55
Operation logo, created by Quebecshire
Operation logo, created by Quebecshire
DateMay 6th 2021
Various far-right regions
The League
Augustin Alliance
Nazi Europa
Fifth Empire
United Fascist Workers Association
Commanders and leaders
Flag of The League of Conservative Nations.png Quebecshire
Flag of The League of Conservative Nations.png Terranihil
Flag of The League of Conservative Nations.png Fandom
Flag of The League of Conservative Nations.png Lyoa
Flag of The League of Conservative Nations.png New Makasta
Flag of The League of Conservative Nations.png Spode
JointTaskForce.png Aav
Nazi Europa.png Chicken Cutlet
Fifth Empire.png Cruciland
UFWA.png An Tuatha de Danann
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1861–1863).svg Republic of Dixie
Units involved

O55 Participating Organizations

Miscellaneous fascist groups
20 44
Casualties and losses
Many ejections / regional bans 1
Commanders of O55 were those in the command chat. Commanders of miscellaneous fascist groups were the existing delegates in the targeted regions

Inciting incident

On the minor update of May 5th, three members of the fascist region Genua used The League as a jump point to raid the region Islamic Empire. This appears to not be in coordination with the Islamic Empire spam attacks that started on the first of May (and have continued to May 6). This was a perceived breach of the regional sovereignty of the League, and in the next twelve hours, the LDF coordinated with allies to retaliate.


On the night of May 5th, a multilateral group assembled by The League, Augustin Alliance, Lily, and Thaecia participated in a series of six raids, of which all were successful. All members of Operation Order 55 were involved in the deltips of Farkasfalka and Dixie. Lily and the Thaempirial army deltiped Fifth Empire and United Fascist Workers Association, while the LDF and JTF deltiped Nazi Europa and seized the delegacy of Genua.


Quebecshire wrote a document colloquially known as a 'gloatpost' to celebrate and promote the success of the operation.[1] The reception from the NSGP forum was generally positive, save for two nations that came to express their distaste for the raids.

A representative for Dixie maintained that the region is not neo-fascist or Nazi, and is instead adherent to "southern nationalism".[2] This was met by skepticism from The League's government and other posters.


Moderator actions

  • Taluran from Islamic Empire was reported for having said "Death to Genua and all who inhabit it", and was subsequently DEATed.[3] It is unknown if the account was deleted for advocating death, or if it was a returning account of the DOS player who was known to be engaged in a spam campaign around the same time.
  • A post from Tuscul, puppet of Terra Gloria Sanctus (of Genua) was reported for calling natives of Islamic Empire "animals", and was later suppressed.
  • East Blepia from Genua came to The League's GP thread, complained about the raids, and began alternating between threatening to take over Warzone Airspace, spamming images, and posting about the Zionist-Occupied-Government, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. This resulted in the thread being locked, later being reopened upon his deletion.[4]
  • Lyoa received an unofficial warning for troll-naming
  • Quebecshire was informed by moderation that one of his posts was "Unnecessarily baity"

Dixie foreign affairs

After the raid, Dixie representative requested a formal apology from The League for the raid. To date, no apology has been given, and evidence suggests that one will not be forthcoming.

That's tough that they want an apology cuz they aren't getting one. Confederates/neo-confederates are cringe and pretty much are neo-fascists- "southern nationalism", yea, that's like, textbook neo-fascism in America.

The Monarchist and Democratic Alliance (former protectorate of The League) pulled embassies from Dixie, noting that it had been overlooked during a prior pass over of embassies with far-right regions.

Following a hostile exchange, Dixie and Genua closed embassies with each other.[6]


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