2021 Ajaki pro-democracy protests

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2021 Ajaki Pro Democracy Protests
Part of the 2021–22 Ajakanistan crisis
Anti Kareiv Protest.png
Pro democracy riot
Date28 July 2021-8 August 2021
Caused byAleksi Norvay being poisoned, Authoritarianism, and political repression
  • Resignation of Vladimir Kareiv
  • Fair elections
  • End of Police Violence
  • imprisonment of Corrupt Politicans
  • Demonstrations
  • Protest marches
  • General strike
  • Riots
  • Online activism
  • Road blockades
Resulted inThe Ajaki government agrees to democratic reforms legalizing other parties than the ruling Ajaki People's Party.
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures
* Aleksi Norvay * Vladimir Kareiv

the 2021 Ajaki Pro Democracy Protest was a protest to have elections in Ajakanistan that started when the Pro-Democracy activist Aleksi Norvay was poisoned on the flight back to Ajakanistan from Reykanes where he was talking with Reykani Politicans. They seek to remove Vladimir Kareiv from presidency, and make Ajakanistan to allow for free elections. And they're against police violence due to the rampant unjustified beatings by the Ajaki Police Force against the people. The protests ended when the Ajaki government accepted their demands for "free elections", but refused to take action against Police Violence nor remove Vladimir Kareiv from his Office of Presidency. The results of these protests made the Christian Democratic Party the second biggest party in the country.