2020 Masario Arson Hate Crime

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2020 Masario Arson Hate Crime
Part of Anti-Atheism in Creeperopolis
LocationMasario, San Miguel
DateJuly 25, 2020
Attack type
Arson, hate crime

The 2020 Masario Arson Hate Crime (Creeperian Spanish: Incendio Provocado y Crimen de Odio de Masario de 2020) was a hate crime and arson which was committed against alleged atheists in the city of Masario on July 25, 2020.



A group of civilians in Masario claimed that a man who works as a mailman and his family, who had allegedly stolen thousands of dollars of mailed goods, were atheists. A civilian began filming a man who called himself "Señor Mataateo." He spoke to the camera "The man who lives here, Kevin Águila Navarro, his wife, Concepción Varela Piñón, his son, Kevin Águila Piñón, and his daughter, Michelle Águila Piñón, have become apostates to the faith and have proclaimed themselves to be atheists. We are here at 4442 Calle Mafrerio, Masario, San Miguel, and we will show you how to cure someone of atheism." Señor Mataateo and 3 others grabbed jerrycans of gasoline and splashed it all over the house. As that was happening, Águila Navarro opened the door and asked what on terraconserva was happening. Señor Mataateo said "You and your family are being cured." The four lit the house on fire, pushed Kevin inside, and closed the door, lighting it on fire too. The four ensured that no one left and they let the house burn for 6 minutes. Señor Mataateo finished by stating "And that is how you cure people of atheism" and the recording ended. Firefighters arrived 2 minutes after the 5 fled. All four occupants were burned alive.[1]

At 4:07 SST, the video was uploaded to the internet. Thirty minutes later, 7 screenshots of the video were posted to Shichan, a popular anonymous imageboard website. The uploader put subtitles in Quebecshirite on each screenshot using an online Spanish to Quebecshirite translator so that users could understand what exactly was happening.

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