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2020 Creeperian coup d'état attempt

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2020 Creeperian coup d'état attempt
Part of the Creeperian Conflicts and Martial Law in Creeperopolis
2020 Creeperopolis Coup Attempt Collage.png
(clockwise from top left)
Creeperian Army soldiers in San Salvador, a Free Creeperian Army tank hijacked by civilians, Free Creeperian Army soldiers in southern San Salvador, Creeperian civilians destroying a Free Creeperian Army armored personnel carrier, Free Creeperian Army soldiers surrendering on 10 February, Creeperian National Police officers firing back at rebel soldiers.
Date9–11 February 2020

Government Victory

Supported by:
Creeperopolis Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization
Supported by:
Malgax (alleged, denied)[1][2]
Morova (alleged)[3][4]
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Alexander II
Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Creeperopolis Felipe Cambeiro Cavallería
Creeperopolis Martín Gutiérrez Sánchez  Executed
Creeperopolis Sebastián Escribano Dávalos
Lyoa Flag.png Jackson Takarete
Creeperopolis Joaquín Barrueco Dengra  Executed
Creeperopolis Cristian Pliego Carita  Executed
Creeperopolis David Céspedes Covarrubias
Creeperopolis Ramón Illescas Galán
Units involved

Creeperopolis Creeperian Armed Forces

Creeperopolis Creeperian National Police
Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa National Defense Force

Creeperopolis Free Creeperian Armed Forces

300,000 soldiers
2,000 tanks
62 aircraft
15,000 soldiers
300-400 tanks
Casualties and losses
4,000-7,000 dead
12,000+ wounded
109 tanks destroyed
8,000 dead
5,000+ wounded
7,109 prisoners of war
280 tanks destroyed
23,000+ civilians dead, 48,000+ civilians wounded

The 2020 Creeperian coup d'état attempt, also called the 2020 Creeperian Putsch was an attempted coup in Creeperopolis. The coup was staged by the self-proclaimed Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization. The JRG-RC claimed that the corrupt regime of Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez and Martín Gutiérrez Sánchez would be overthrown but that the Emperor, Alexander II, would remain in power.[5] The junta claimed that a complete reorganization of the Creeperian government will be achieved by April 2020.[6] The junta surrendered on 11 February 2020.[7]


Timeline of military engagements

9 February

At 7:49pm, San Salvador Time (SST), two divisions of the Creeperian Army entered the city of San Salvador warning civilians to take shelter. Soldiers stormed and seized a radio station in the city and broadcasted a message to the Creeperian people:

We are the Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization (Junta Revolucionario de Gobierno por'Reorganización Creeperiano, JRG-RC). We have 15,000 Creeperian soldiers and we are here to topple the oppressive and corrupt regime of Minister of Defense Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez and of Chief Senator Martín Gutiérrez Sánchez. Emperor Alexander II will remain in power during this period of the reconstruction of the Creeperian government. The reformed government will be of the people and for the people of Creeperopolis. Years of lies from the Cabañeras dynasty will come to an end and the long reign of the Cabañeras will come to an end, restoring the Dynasty of Martínez to absolute power. We will take no prisoner who continues loyalty to the regime. We will end the wars in the south either through diplomacy or through force, unlike this regime, which continues these wars for their own personal benefit. Citizens of Creeperopolis, change is coming to the Fatherland, support the Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization.

Hundreds of tanks stormed the streets of San Salvador, driving over cars and destroying signs, lampposts, and traffic lights. Thousands of soldiers, armed with automatic rifles, forced civilians into their homes for their "safety". Hundreds and hundreds of armed personnel carriers patroled the streets of the capital city, with all units headed for the San Salvador Imperial Palace, the Headquarters of the Ministry Defense, the Headquarters of the National Intelligence Directorate, and the Seat of the Council of Senators.[8]

Emperor Alexander II was immediately notified about news of the ongoing coup attempt in San Salvador. Alexander II immediately made a quick speech to the people of Creeperopolis:[9]

My people of the Fatherland, do not believe the lies of these traitors. Do not fall for their false promises. Do not support these Miguelists. Do not turn your back on the monarchy; do not turn your back on Saint Romero I; do not turn your back on God. This "junta" is sent by Satan, the Prince of Evil, to overthrow the government mandated by God himself. Remain loyal to God, remain loyal to this glorious monarchy. Women and children, remain in your homes, seek shelter and safety, God's merciful hands will keep you safe. Should the worst happen, he will grant you entrance to Heaven. Men, leave your homes, resist the followers of Satan. Do not take prisoners, take up arms, fight this tyranny, fight this evil. Should you die, you will die a martyr and join Saint Romero in eternal paradise. Should you live, your service will be eternally praised and Heaven shall be guaranteed. God bless the people! God bless Creeperopolis!

— Alexander II

Chief Field Marshal Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez quickly ordered all Creeperian Army units in San Salvador, San Luís, and San Salvador del Norte to immediately mobilize and storm San Salvador and arrest any and all soldiers and leaders of the coup conspirators.[10]

The Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization (JRG-RC) claimed that the Emperor was being held hostage by Cabañeras Gutiérrez's regime and was forced to give out a scripted speech to the Creeperian people. The Junta declared that it was composed of three lead military figures: Field Marshal Joaquín Barrueco Dengra of the 12th Infantry Division, General Cristian Pliego Carita of the 12th Infantry Division, and General David Céspedes Covarrubias of the 31st Infantry Division. The junta declared that total government reorganization will be achieved by April 2020.[11]

Civilians ran out of their homes and confronted the tanks and soldiers, standing arm and arm together to block the rouge divisions. The soldiers were ordered by officers to hold fire and to force the civilians to disperse with tear gas and batons. The attempts to disperse the civilians caused outcry and civilians began to throw rocks and fireballs at the soldiers. After 7 minutes of rocks and fireballs being thrown at the soldiers, the officers officially ordered the soldiers to fire upon the civilians. Civilians ran towards the tanks and even hijacked a dozen tanks. The hijacked tanks opened fire on the soldiers.[12]

Chief General of the Air Force, Felipe Cambeiro Cavallería, ordered the 18th Air Force Wing to attack the soldiers of the junta.[13]

The Free Creeperian Army arrived at the Seat of the Council of Senators and began to hit the building with tank shells, entering the building and lighting fire to the building.[14] Minister of Defense Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez immediately there after officially declared martial law across all of Creeperopolis.[15] The Free Creeperian Army retaliated by invading the home of Martín Gutiérrez Sánchez, killing him and his family in the process.[16] The Creeperian Imperial Guard engaged in combat with the Free Creeperian Army before the rouge soldiers can reach the Imperial Palace.[17]

10 February

The División Negra arrived at San Salvador and engaged with the junta's soldiers.[18] Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of civilians take to the streets of San Salvador and protest and riot against the junta’s coup.[19] Then, the Creeperian Army arrived at the city and began to engage in combat with the Free Creeperian Army.[20] Pope Francisco I denounced the coup and reaffirmed the divine legitimacy of the current government.[21]

The leaders of the coup cited their reasons for the establishment of the junta and the overthrow of the government.

The junta claims that the Morovan and Malgan governments were assisting the coup.[22]

Cabañeras Gutiérrez declared that a curfew would go into effect across the departments of San Salvador, San Salvador del Norte, Zapatista, San Luís, and the Papal State. Anyone caught past 9:00pm or before 7:00am outside of their homes will be arrested and held in a local jail until the morning where the individual will be set free. If the arrested individual had any gang, insurgent, or rebel connection, they will be handed over to indefinite DINA custody. Any minors arrested must be picked up by their parents in the morning.[23]

The Seat of the Council of Senators completely burned to the ground. Meanwhile, widespread gunfire, riots, explosions, arsons, looting, and the use of tear gas and chemical weapons were reported. Air raids continued to fall on suspected Free Creeperian Army (Ejército Libre Creeperiano) targets. Around 30% of the city was in ELC control, 60% of the city was in FAC control, while the remaining 10% was classified as battle zones, no man’s lands, or anarchy zones.[24] The Creeperian National Police was mobilized and engaged the junta's soldiers.[25]

11 February

The Deltinian Liberation Army released a statement calling for Deltinians to resist both the government and the junta government, calling for the eradication of the Creeperian oppressors. The DLA requested that the Morovan government helps the DLA achieve its goal.[26]

Alexander II approved of the declaration of martial law and of the curfew. He officially stated that the Council of Senators was suspended indefinitely.[27] After the curfew ended for the night, civilians poured into the streets of San Salvador bearing Creeperian flags and portraits of St. Romero I and Alexander II. The exchange of gunfire continued between government and junta forces.[28]

Cabañeras Gutiérrez released a statement on 11 February:[29]

All three traitors to the Empire have been killed or captured. David Céspedes Covarrubias was confirmed to have been killed earlier today in an airstrike from the 18th Air Force Wing. Cristian Pliego Carita was confirmed to have been killed by Creeperian civilians attacking a convoy of rouge soldiers and officers early this morning. Joaquín Barrueco Dengra was confirmed to have been captured by the División Negra a few hours ago. The Junta has no chance at survival. We order the immediate unconditional surrender of the Junta. Long live Creeperopolis!

The remnants of the coup, after hours of being leaderless and facing chemical weapons attacks, bombings from the sky, unending gunfire from the Army, and unending harassment and protests and riots from civilians, finally surrender to the Creeperian Army loyal to the government, effectively ending the coup and abolishing the Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization and the Free Creeperian Army. An estimated 7,000 were taken prisoner.[30]

Emperor Alexander II gave a speech to the nation from San Romero:[31]

My fellow Creeperans. For the past three days, our nation witnessed an unacceptable and unbelievable attempt to remove the government of this Empire which was mandated by God Himself. This so called "Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization" and its "Free Creeperian Army" attempted to topple the administration God sent to guide the Creeperans on the path to Heaven. To all those traitors who died, you have all forfeited your path to Heaven and have angered the God of Creeperopolis. To all those traitors who survived and are in our custody, you will wish that you have been killed during the coup. To all those traitors who have escaped our custody, know that we will hunt you all down and find you. Even if we don't, you will never be able to escape the wrath of the almighty God. To those martyrs who gave their lives, God has recognized your service to Him and has welcomed you to Eternal Paradise. To all my Creeperans who lived the see the end of this attempt to topple God's reign, know that God stands strong as the eternal God of Creeperopolis and that His reign will never end. God survived the oppression by the Deltinians. God survived the abolition of the monarchy. God survived the war of succession and the devastating civil war. God survived the genocide, He survived the insurgencies, so surely, God will survive this coup, and He has. These apostates will be punished accordingly. A true reorganization will need to occur in the wake of this coup attempt on the Empire. Creeperopolis will live on. Long live the monarchy! Long live Creeperopolis! Long live the Creeperans! May God reign forever!


Creeperian government

Junta of government

DINA investigation

On 13 February 2020, Alexander II sentenced 7,109 prisoners from the 2020 Creeperian Putsch to death.[32] The 7,109 prisoners from the putsch were dragged from their cells a day early and executed on 13 February 2020, instead. As mandated, low ranking soldiers and officers were executed by a firing squad. The executions are expected to be complete by 6:30pm SST Meanwhile, all high ranking soldiers and officers were hanged. The executions are expected to be completed by 9:00pm SST. Field Marshal Joaquín Barrueco Dengra, the leader of the coup, was treated as if he were an atheist in San Miguel. He was crucified in front of the San Salvador Imperial Palace and burned alive. The public execution was witnessed by a crowd of an estimated 3,500,000.[33]

The DINA conducted a large scale operation tonight and raided the homes of several Creeperian senators and mayors. In total, 34 senators and 183 mayors were arrested on charges of supporting the putsch or for having sympathies to the coup. An additional 3 senators and 15 mayors were arrested for allegedly aiding in the assassination of Chief Senator Martín Gutiérrez Sánchez.[34]

Additionally, the entire 12th and 31st Infantry Divisions were disbanded due to their participation in the putsch.[35]

Following the raids, Alexander II officially abolished the Council of Senators, effectively abolishing the ceremonial legislative branch of the government. Creeperopolis returned to a completely absolute monarchy for the first time since 31 December 1887, when the Second Parliament was established.[36]




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