2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests (Gagium)

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2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests
Part of Global 2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests
Gagium anti-terranihil protests.jpg
DateMay 29, 2020 - June 5, 2020 (8 days)
Caused byMalgan ethnic cleansing
GoalsGovernment withdrawal of most support to Terranihil
MethodsDemonstrations, riots
Parties to the civil conflict
Anti-Terranihil Protesters

Government of Gagium

Police Forces across Gagium
Lead figures
no centralized leadership
Gagium flag.png Vincent Barbet
Gagium flag.png Lucas Baugé
Casualties and losses
9 arrests
4 injuries
0 injuries

The 2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests in Gagium were a series of protests across numerous cities protesting the government of Terranihil's alleged ethnic cleansing of Malgans. The protests began on May 29th, 2020, and these demonstrations were peaceful and small-scale- it is estimated that no more than 200 people showed up to protest in Laurillac.

Later that day, however, media from Paleocacher began reporting on an exposé from Ernest Pyle that provided drone photos as well as testimonies from those related to the Malgan ethnic cleansing and concentration camp in Soislaan, Terranihil.[1] On the morning of May 30, crowds of a few hundred people showed up in front of the Terranihil Embassy to protest Terranihil's actions. Demonstrators also assembled at Lavigne Park in Fort Anfree.[2] Riot police was soon after deployed to both Fort Anfree and Laurillac as crowds grew and reports that the RIS was monitoring social media for a credible threat were published.[3] Later May 30, an attempted break-in occurred at the Terranilian embassy following an address by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[4] Vandalism was also reported at the consulate for Terranihil.

Protests resumed on the morning of the 31st, and many protesters appeared at other cities across Gagium as well. No violent incidents were reported before nightfall on the 31st.[5] On June 1st, several activist organizations across Gagium demonstrated in dozens of cities across the country, with roughly 120,000 people showing up for demonstrations by the end of the day.[6] There were no injuries on the 1st other than a clash between protesters in the city of Toissel.

The protests largely wrapped up on June 2nd, though the issue was now mainstream as a direct result of the widespread protests. Media outlets continued to cover the protests and the claims made by Ernest Pyle weeks after the protests ended, and the Royal Investigative Service is reportedly looking into starting an investigation on the Malgan Ethnic Cleansing. Since the demonstrations, many organizations have announced that they are planning future anti-Terranihil demonstrations and will not stop until appropriate action has been taken by the government.


Malgan ethnic cleansing

The ethnic cleansing of Malgans has been going on since August of 2019 to the present, though very little evidence has been released proving this has occurred at all. The Malgan Ethnic Cleansing involves forced relocation of Malgans, indoctrination, demolition of property, and mass executions. Refugees from Terranilian concentration camps claim that "brutal killings, bad living conditions, brainwashing and manual labor" have occurred in these camps.

On May 29th, an exposé written by Ernest Pyle was released in Paleocacher alongside images of Malgans being herded into a building at a facility in Soislaan, Terranihil. Following this, the Terranihil government cliamed that the exposé was slander and that the evidence attached to it was fabricated.[7]

TCN Resolution 017 attempted to launch an investigation into Terranihil's treatment of Malgans. However, the resolution was vetoed by Quebecshire, and as such no TCN investigation occurred.

Terranilian denial

Terranihil has denied any accusations of mistreatment of Malgans since the Malgan Ethnic Cleansing began in 2019. The Terranilian delegation to the TCN stated this during their vote against Resolution 17:

Absolutely no evidence that Terranihil is committing human rights violations has been presented . . . There is no confirmed instance of human rights violations.[8]

— Terranilian Delegation to the TCN

The Terranilian denial of the Malgan ethnic cleansing immediately after Pyle's exposé was released reads as follows:

The so-called "news" reported in Paleocacher is a slandering hit piece against the Terranilian government and its people. The witness reports and images are entirely fabricated. The Department for the Reeducation of the Religiously and Politically Disturbed has been transparent with the public; the purpose of Soislaan facility is to reeducate the Malgan populace. The report offers no solid evidence, only stories told by "witnesses" which could have been easily fabricated. In the age of modern technology, the images of Soislaan could have been easily edited. Furthermore, the image shows nothing incriminating, but rather facility personnel escorting Malgans into a building.

— Department of Foreign Affairs of Terranihil


Day 1: May 29

During day 1, a crowd of roughly 80 people assembled in front of the Laurillac Capitol Building to protest. Many of the protesters had various homemade signs with various anti-Terranihil slogans on them, including one that said "STOP GENOCIDE NOW - STAND AGAINST TERRANIHIL!" and another that said "We stand with Malgans!". The demonstrators in Laurillac had secured permits for their protests. No violence or attempted trespassing was reported on day 1, though the Northern Press falsely reported that there were looters at the Laurillac demonstration.

Local media outlets and broadcasters were at the scene of the Day 1 demonstrations to cover the protests, as well as smaller amounts of police to keep the protests contained to in front of the Capitol Building. According to press reports, many of the police verbally showed their support for the demonstrators. The Fort Anfree Times ran an article on May 30 that said that the Laurillac Police Department was contemplating reprimanding the officers who supported the demonstrators.

Later on May 29, the Pyle exposé was released detailing the alleged Malgan ethnic cleansing in Terranihil. According to interviews, some of the protesters in the afternoon of Day 1 showed up because of the exposé.

Day 2: May 30

Riot Police in Laurillac after protesters attempted to break into the Terranihil embassy.

Early on May 30, crowds of hundreds of people gathered in Laurillac in front of the Terranilian embassy as well as in Lavigne Park in Fort Anfree to primarily protest the Malgan ethnic cleansing. Many of the protesters called for an investigation of Terranihil, severing of relations, and action by either the government of Gagium or the TCN. Protesters also called for action to be taken against Terranihil in the TEU. Demonstrators stayed throughout the day and remained largely stationary.

At around noon, crowds in both cities grew to several thousand people. Riot police were assembled in Fort Anfree following protesters damaging a parked car and police sporting ballistic shields were assembled in Laurillac to ensure that protests stay calm and peaceful. Protesters in Fort Anfree soon left Lavigne Park and blocked off several streets downtown, causing more police forces to be called up and to reroute traffic. At 17:30, Lucas Baugé, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, gave a statement in which he said that "we cannot act on the evidence available [in regards to Terranihil]".

Following this, unrest grew in the crowd, and riot police were drawn up to protect the Terranilian embassy. A fight broke out between police and protesters as several people smashed windows to the Terranilian embassy from an alley and attempted to gain access. Police deployed tear gas following this and made four arrests. Protesters near the Terranihil embassy dispersed for the night afterwards, and the Royal Investigative Service have announced that they predict protests will ramp up on the 31st.

At the Terranihil embassy, protesters vandalized the building and smashed the windows. The exterior of the embassy was also heavily spray painted.

It was also on Day 2 that many organizations across Gagium began recruiting on social media platforms for mass demonstrations across the country on June 1.

Day 3: May 31

Shortly after Midnight, protesters gained access to Terranihil's embassy and began looting the building before riot police dispersed the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets. The embassy was secured at around 1:00, and three people were arrested later that night for the embassy break-in and looting.

After morning, crowds of thousands of people gathered in Fort Anfree and Laurillac, and smaller crowds of hundreds of protesters gathered in other major cities across the country. Riot police were on scene in many cities, though protests remained largely peaceful. No violent confrontations were reported before nightfall on Day 3.

Day 4: June 1

Protesters in the city of Fort Crowsea.

On the morning of June 1, protesters gathered in cities across the nation, with the largest crowds gathering in the cities of Fort Anfree, Agen, Lochen, Chatrois, Allen, Laurillac, and Fort Crowsea. Nearly 50,000 demonstrators alone gathered in Laurillac. Demonstrations were nearly entirely peaceful throughout the day, and very few violent incidents were reported. A fight between protesters in Toissel was recorded and posted on social media, and 3 injuries were sustained from the fight. Riot police were deployed to all of the listed rallies, and streets in the downtown areas of these cities were blocked off as well to make way for the demonstrations.

Some protesters called for Lucas Baugé to resign from his post due to his handling of Terranihil during the protests. However, there has been no indication that he plans to do so.

Two men were detained after carrying weapons to a march in Allen. After police uncovered social media posts from one of the men stating an intent to commit domestic terrorism, they were arrested. An attempted ATM blowing in the city of Roquevaire is currently being investigated as being linked to the Anti-Terranihil protests across the country. Additionally, a murder in Fort Anfree was briefly reported as being a result of the Anti-Terranihil protests, though further investigation by police reveal that the murder was completely unlinked to the demonstrations.


It is estimated that slightly above 200,000 people participated in the Anti-Terranihil protests between May 29 and June 1.

On June 3, after Anti-Terranihil protests largely concluded in Gagium, the Department of Foreign Affairs of Terranihil labelled Ernest Pyle as a terrorist and called for the killing of Pyle. Terranihil also claimed that the protesters in Gagium had been 'deceived'.[9] Some claims have been made that an internal broadcast in Rakeo stated that anti-Terranihil protesters were brainwashed.[citation needed]

On June 5, a Xussman assassin pleaded guilty to second degree murder in relation to an apparent assassination attempt on Ernest Pyle in the nation of Paleocacher. Following this, approximately 1.1 million people marched in the nation against Terranihil. These were the largest demonstrations in Paleocacher in nearly two decades.[10] Demonstrations of a few hundred people occurred in Laurillac again on June 5 following several videos of conditions in the Soislaan camp circulating around Gagian media. These videos were taken by Terranilian Resistance members.[11]



Media across Gagium largely portrayed the demonstrators in a positive light and publicly supported their stances and concerns. Many media outlets used the protests to criticize Gagium's foreign policy and "support for genocidal regimes", such as the Fort Anfree Times and the Glaceis Press. The news station Confederal News was criticized for running an editorial claiming that Vincent Barbet was not only aware of the Malgan ethnic cleansing but also supported it. According to Confederal News journalist Mirabelle Jacques, "President Barbet is almost as bad as Terranihil is. He hasn't spoken out against the genocide in Terranihil, and we all know why - He supports it. President Barbet supports the Malgan ethnic cleansing and probably knows the truth behind it, too."

Across the nation, the vast majority of news outlets extensively covered the various Anti-Terranihil protests across the country. Confederal News dedicated 70% of their time on live television to covering the protests. Other cable news networks have allocated similar amounts of time to dedicated coverage of the protests. The right-leaning news network Seille News was criticized for treating the Malgan ethnic cleansing as a false rumor and for supporting Terranihil's claims that evidence was fabricated.


Many high-ranking government officials have yet to give official statements regarding the protests or regarding accusations against Terranihil. In a press conference on June 1, Vice President Olivia Dubost stated that the demonstrators have legitimate grievances that should be looked into by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, she also condemned the break-ins of the Terranilian embassy and consulate and said that violence will not accomplish anything.

At least 9 members of the Senate attended protests across the nation, and several members of the National Assembly criticized the government's handling of the issue on social media and in public. The leadership of both the Labor Party and Liberal Union has stated that extensive action should be taken against Terranihil for the Malgan ethnic cleansing. However, the Confederal Party hasn't officially released a statement of their stance on the issue yet.

King Arsène Rodier expressed his desire for protests to remain peaceful on a May 31 social media post. He encouraged people to exercise their constitutional rights through protesting but he also spoke out against the individuals associated with the incidents at the Terranilian embassy and consulate.

On June 4, President Vincent Barbet stated that "there is not enough evidence of a genocide to act (against Terranihil) at the moment". However, he did call the allegations "disturbing" and did say that Gagium would "get to the bottom of the claimed ethnic cleansing occurring against Malgans."[12]

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