2019 Council of Islamic States crisis

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2019 Council of Islamic States crisis
Part of the Wars of the Gentlemen's Coalition
Date21–29 March 2019
(1 week, 2 days)

Strategic GC victory

  • Eazim Al-Andalus and Townsvalley deposed[1]
  • Interim government established[1]
  • Delegacy held for 2 WA Cycles[1]
  • Elections held, but delayed[1]
  • GC withdraws on 29 March[1]
  • Region passworded[1]

Gentlemen's Coalition

Council of Islamic States exiles
Council of Islamic States government
Commanders and leaders
The New Fandom Republic
Spode Humbled Minions
Third Dynasty of Ur
Doge Republics
New Waldensia
The Reddington States
Tunis Algeris
Islamic Serbia

Eazim Al-Andalus

Units involved
Blue Squad
Gold Squad
Silver Squad
15 3
Casualties and losses
None 2 exiled

The 2019 Council of Islamic States crisis, also called the March Incident or the 2019 Council of Islamic States Raid, was a raid lead by the Gentlemen's Coalition against the government of the Council of Islamic States. The raid proper occurred from 28–29 March 2019 and ended in the overthrow of the government and the establisment of an interim government.[1]


From 20–21 March 2019, the Gentlemen's Coalition, a military alliance between The League of Conservative Nations, the Federation of Conservative Nations, the Republic of Free Nations, and Redlandia, raided Farkasfalka.[1][2] The raid destabalized the region and resulted in a victory for the coalition.[2]


Internal tensions

On 21 March, Vizier Indera Kayangan remarked that the raid was "pathetic" which caused tension between the CIS and the LCN and FCN.[3] Both the LCN and FCN withdrew embassies with the CIS.[3] Tunis Algeris made a campaign post that opposed Indera Kayangan, claiming that he supported Farkasfalka, which angered Grand Vizier Townsvalley, who sided with Indera Kayangan.[3] On 22 March in a now deleted discussion, Pro-GC and Pro-Farkasfalkan factions made an ultimatum: The Gentlemen's Coalition must cease raiding Farasfalka and establish peace and Farkasfalka must stop making racist comments.[3] An unnamed government resigned as a result of the discussion.[3]

On 23 March, Townsvalley forcibly exiled Tunis Algeris and Al Qadi Appareimos for unspecified reasons, with Tunis Algeris calling the exile "unjust."[3] Greater Sacremento suspected that the true reason they were exiled was because both were outspoken critics of Townsvalley's approach to the GC-Farasfalka conflict.[3] A court case was held on 24 March where the court found that Tunis Algeris was unconstitutionally exiled and that Townsvalley abused his powers.[3] Townsvalley was impeached and new elections were scheduled for 30 March.[3]

On 27 March, Eazim Al-Andalus forcibly exiled Tunis Algeris, suppressed Tunis Algeris' anti-Townsvalley posts, and proclaimed himself Vizier of Defense.[citation needed]

Foreign intervention

On 28 March, the Gentlemen's Coalition intervened on behalf Tunis Algeris.[1] The coalition mobilized and siezed the position of World Assembly Delegate of the region.[1] Hadhari strongly opposed the intervention and demanded a withdrawl.[1] After negotiations, the coalition withdrew, both Townsvalley and Eazim Al-Andaluz were exiled, and Tunis Algeris was welcomed back to the CIS.[1]


The Council of Islamic States experienced a decline following the crisis and eventually ceased to exist.

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