2016–17 Union of Proletarian States raid

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2016–17 Union of Proletarian States raid
Part of Early LCNAF actions
02. Stalin's statue toppled in Hungary.jpg
Image used by Right to Life in their newsletter to illustrate the operation.
Date30 December 2016 – 2 January 2017
(3 days)
Union of Proletarian States
Result Inconclusive[note 2]

Pro-Life International Coalition

USSD-led Coalition

  • USSF
  • CTSN Cheka
  • The South Pacific
  • Exodus
Commanders and leaders
Andrew Du[note 3] Mercia State
Democratic Peoples Republic of Siberia
Units involved
Right to Life Army
LCN Armed Forces
8 12
Casualties and losses
3 banned Unknown

The 2016–17 Union of Proletarian States raid was a raid led by Pro-Life International against the Union of Proletarian States. The raid took place between 30 December 2016 and 2 January 2017 and ended in a claimed victory for both defenders and raiders of the region.


Picture of the then-vandalized WFE.

On 30 December 2016, updaters from the Right to Life Army (RtLA) attempted to raid the Union of Proletarian States, but were stopped by a miscalculated trigger or update variance. At minor on 31 December 2016, the delegacy was seized and the world factbook entry was changed, denouncing anti-Semitic remarks made by a regional officer, as well as the region's embassy with the Nazi region "Skinheads." This was done in a communist theme to avoid detection by leftist organizations.[1]

At major on 31 December 2016, members of the LCN Armed Forces (LCNAF) supported the raid. The world factbook entry and flag were changed to accurately reflect the identity of the raiders and the embassy with Skinheads was scheduled for destruction. At minor on 2 January 2017, the point for RtLA reportedly announced intent to withdraw from the region and dropped their World Assembly status.


Members of the LCNAF, and potentially members of the RtLA and a third unknown group, were present in sufficient numbers for LCNAF point to have taken the delegacy at the night's major update. Additionally, as update approached, the point nation for RtLA rejoined the World Assembly. A longer occupation was prevented when updaters from the United Soviet Socialist Fleet (USSF), the Confederation of Traditional Socialist Nations Cheka (CTSNC), the South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF), and Exodus sieged the region at the day's minor update. By major update, the count was twelve to eight, favoring the liberators.[2]

Christian Democrats claimed that the goal of the forces gathered was to use the region as a jumping point to liberate DonaldTrumpland, whose founder liberated the region instead, through logging on and banning occupying HYDRA agents.[3]


Following its return to native control, the region briefly saw increased activity and the creation of a regional forum, but following years of inactivity, the region was refounded as part of the GENUA network of fascist controlled regions for most 2021.[4][5]

The region now rests under the control of Spode Humbled Minions


  1. As in the region named Unknown
  2. Both Right to Life and USSD declared that they had achieved their operational goals.
  3. Andrew Du was general of the LCNAF, similar military commanders of RtLA and "Unknown" at the time are unknown.


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