2005 Puerto Francisco elections

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2005 Puerto Francisco Elections

10 May 2005 2010 →
TurnoutIncrease 88.29%
Candidate Léo Baudelaire Gaétan Gallois Antonio Yagüe Cadenas
Party Social Democrats Liberal Party Franciscan Patriots
Popular vote 207,289 181,402 61,600
Percentage 52.14% 34.18% 13.68%

Mayor before election

Adrián Beldad Prats
Creeperian Initiative

Elected Mayor

Léo Baudelaire
Social Democrats

A Mayoral Election was held in Puerto Francisco, Creeperopolis on 10 May 2005, with voters electing a new Mayor for the city.


From December 2003 to February 2005, Quebecshirites in the city of Puerto Francisco protested over the Creeperian government's policy on language and the mass arrests being made of protestors protesting the policy. The Creeperian and Quebecshirite governments signed the Treaty of New Bostonia which lead to the democratization of the city.

Election Structure

The Creeperian government organized how the election process worked. According to the Creeperian government:

  • Each party runs a candidate for Mayor. The party with the most votes has their candidate innaugurated as Mayor.
  • There are 16 seats to win for the city council and each district has one seat. If a party wins a district, the party will elect one of their own to serve on the council for that seat.

The electoral process creates an executive branch (the Mayor) and a legislative branch (the city council) for Puerto Francisco.


Electoral Results

52.14% 34.18% 13.68%
Popular vote
Party Leader Votes
Of total
Social Democrats Léo Baudelaire 207,289 52.14%
Liberal Party Gaétan Gallois 181,402 34.18%
Franciscan Patriots Antonio Yagüe Cadenas 61,600 13.68%

Results by District

Districts won by the Social Democrats
Districts won by the Liberal Party
Districts won by the Franciscan Patriots
District Party Seats
Chalchuapa Franciscan Patriots 1
Chigua Social Democrats 1
Coatepeque Franciscan Patriots 1
Mexico Liberal Party 1
Oaxaca Social Democrats 1
Posonas Social Democrats 1
Puerto Francisco Capitol Social Democrats 1
Puerto Francisco del Centro Social Democrats 1
Puerto Francisco del Este Liberal Party 1
Puerto Francisco del Norte Liberal Party 1
Puerto Francisco del Oeste Social Democrats 1
Puerto Francisco del Sur Franciscan Patriots 1
Salvador del Sur Franciscan Patriots 1
San Juan Liberal Party 1
San Lorenzo Liberal Party 1
Truzona Social Democrats 1

Electoral Maps

Voter Demographics

2005 Mayoral vote by demographic subgroup
Demographic subgroup SD LP PF
Total vote 52 34 14
Liberals 88 10 2
Moderates 55 31 14
Conservatives 5 44 51
Men 41 39 20
Women 48 47 5
Marital status
Married 44 45 11
Unmarried 48 43 9
Quebecshirites 54 45 1
Creeperans 1 3 96
Atlántidans 4 8 88
Catholic 2 4 94
Agnostic 50 48 2

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