1979 Lyoan coup d'état

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1979 Lyoan coup d'état
Date23 March 1979; 41 years ago (1979-03-23)

Successful military takeover

Pro-Tulossa LNDF elements Lyoa Government of Lyoa
Commanders and leaders
Lyoa Laurent Tulossa Lyoa James Sharokoh

The 1979 Lyoan coup d'état was launched on March 23, 1979 by Major Laurent Tulossa against the government of James Sharokoh. Tulossa launched the coup after Sharokoh's popularity dropped significantly due to multiple scandals and an allegedly fraudulent election. Tulossa had previously been a military commander during Sharokoh's administration, commanding forces that suppressed the Nagata Peasant's Uprising and the Lyoan Muslim Revolt. The coup resulted in 23 years of Tulossa's rule, and the eventual First Lyoan Civil War.