1978 (video game)

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1978 cover.png
Developer(s)V.J. Sur
Publisher(s)V.J. Sur
Designer(s)Xavier Torres Valdéz
Rodrigo Fuentes Fuentes
Jorge Árbenz López
Programmer(s)Alexander Yagüe Nuñez
José Hidalgo Ureña
Oswaldo Ulloa Molina
Artist(s)Hugo Dávalos Cortez
Samuel Lindo Barrie
Federico Azaña Armas
Writer(s)Rubén Álvarez Pérez
Héctor Salinas Mena
Composer(s)Gustavo Rosales Tejón
EngineMoteur Irréel 3
Release13 November 2017
Genre(s)Survival horror

1978 is a first-person psychological horror survival video game developed and published by V.J. Sur. It is the fourth installment of the 1900s series, being released in 2017. It follows Cäsar Meléndez Schönfinkel, a half-Creeperian half-Senvarian young adult trying to escape the violence of the 1978 Deltino race riots. His family is killed in an attack by government forces, and during his attempts to escape Deltino to Sonsatepan while coming under threat of attacks from government forces, Creeperian and Deltinian civilians, rebel groups, and death squads.

After the popularity of 1956 in 2013, V.J. Sur announced that a fourth installment of the 1900s series would be released in late-2017. The first trailer was released in early-2016 with gameplay footage being released in late-2016. A demo for the game was released on 14 April 2017 and the full game was released on 13 November 2017. The game is compatible on the AmicOS platform.

The game was met with mostly positive reviews upon release for its graphics, sound design, atmosphere, story, and gameplay design. Criticisms were given for its difficulty and heavy amounts of gore. The game was originally supposed to take place during the 1968 Deltino race riots but it was changed to the 1978 race riots for unknown reasons.


1978 is a first-person survival horror game, and like its predecessors 1980 (2005), 1946 (2009), 1956 (2013), it is a single-player game with purchasable downloadable content. The game is set in northern Deltino near the border of Sonsatepan. The player controls Cäsar Meléndez Schönfinkel who is attempting to escape the department for Sonsatepan.

Meléndez Schönfinkel cannot fight enemies except for in scripted scenes and cutscenes. He needs to hide from government forces, Creeperian and Deltinian civilians, rebel groups, and death squads. The player can walk, run, jump, crouch, slide, climb, and hide in barrels, under beds, in tall grass, in water, and inside of buildings. The player has a limited stamina meter which will slow the player overtime. The game takes place over the course of three days and three night towards the beginning of the race riots. The game features dialogue in Creeperian Spanish, Deltinian Arabic, and Senvarian, and it has subtitles for various languages.




The game's soundtrack was composed by Gustavo Rosales Tejón. The soundtrack features 12 original tracks and a performance of Himno del Llorado de la'Patria, a controversial song of the Militarist Nationalist Front death squad. The song is featured in the game's trailer and can be heard being sung by soldiers of the death squad in-game.



Review scores
Publication Score
CVJC 8.9/10

The game was met with mostly positive reviews upon release.

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