1937 Castillianan general election

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1937 Castillianan general election

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  First party Second party
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Candidate Luís Sánchez Cerro Agustín Martí Puig
Party Nationalist Pro-War Front of Patriots Castillianan Coalition of Autonomous Rights
Leader since January 1, 1937 December 13, 1932
Seats won 1 0
Seat change Increase 1 Decrease 111
Popular vote 38,485,578 1
Percentage 100% 0%

Prime Minister before election

Óscar Benavides Larrea

Elected Prime Minister

Luís Sánchez Cerro
Nationalist Pro-War Front of Patriots

A general election was held in Castilliano on January 1, 1937 with voters electing a Prime Minister.


The election occured during the Prime Ministership of Óscar Benavides Larrea who overthrew Prime Minister Ángel Illescas Reyes of the Liberal Socialist Party on May 7, 1934. Benavides Larrea heavily sypathized with the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council of Creeperopolis during the Creeperian Civil War and announced that Castilliano would join the war on May 10, 1934.

He oversaw the 1937 election but only allowed two parties to run, the Nationalist Pro-War Front of Patriots under Luís Sánchez Cerro, which formed the day of the election, and the Castillianan Coalition of Autonomous Rights under Agustín Martí Puig. The official results stated that Sánchez Cerro won 38,485,578 votes while Martí Puig only won 1 vote. Estimates put the eligable voter count of Castilliano in 1937 at around 5,200,000 total eligable voters and as a consequence, Sánchez Cerro would have won 740.11% of the turnout, one of the most fraudulent elections in Terraconservan history.

The results stood and Sánchez Cerro became Prime Minister on March 24, 1937.


Popular vote
Party Leader Parliament Votes
Of total Of total
Nationalist Pro-War Front of Patriots Luís Sánchez Cerro 1 100%
1 / 1
38,485,578 100%
Castillianan Coalition of Autonomous Rights Agustín Martí Puig 0 0%
0 / 1
1 0%