1912–13 Creeperian protests

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1912–13 Creeperian protests
Column of Guardias Civiles during the 1934 Asturian Revolution, Brañosera.jpg
The Civil Police arresting protestors to Sáenz Heredia's second term.
Date1 December 1912 – 23 February 1913
(2 months, 3 weeks and 1 day)
Caused by
  • Protests
  • Demonstrations
  • Strikes
Resulted in
  • Protests and demonstrations forcibly crushed
  • Strikes forcibly ended and workers fired
  • Antonio Sáenz Heredia inaugurated as Prime Minister
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures
Creeperopolis Antonio Sáenz Heredia
Creeperopolis Macos Espiga Mina
Creeperopolis Diego Hidalgo Durán
Creeperopolis Óscar Cabañeras Manzanedo
Óscar Únzaga Vega
Creeperopolis Inhué Ordóñez Yepes
Creeperopolis Édgar Cazalla Beldad
Creeperopolis Joel Lacasa Campos
Cayetano Handel Carpio
Casualties and losses
3 dead
12 injured
32 dead
45 injured
279 arrested

The 1912–13 Creeperian protests, and sometimes called the Crisis of 1913, were a series of protests from 1 December 1912 to 23 February 1913 which protested the legitimacy of the 1912 Creeperian general election and the second term of Prime Minister Antonio Sáenz Heredia.

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