Ozchaxar I of Creeperopolis

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Ozchaxar I
Reign520AD – 15 September 537AD
PredecessorAhuiliztli I
SuccessorFelipe I
(as King of Creeperopolis)
Xichútepa, Creeperian Confederation
Died15 September 537AD (aged 34–35)
Xichútepa, Creeperian Confederation
ReligionCreeperian Paganism

Ozchaxar I of Creeperopolis (502AD – 15 September 537AD; Pre-Old Creeperian: ոզճախար) was the Head Chief of Creeperopolis from 520AD until his death in the Battle of Xichútepa on 15 September 537AD.

Early Life

Ozchaxar was born sometime in 502AD to the Chihueta Tribe in the Creeperian Confederation.


In 520AD, Head Chief Ahuiliztli I died and the process of electing a new Head Chief began. Ozchaxar was exactly 18 years old when Ahuiliztli I died, making him eligible to be the next Head Chief. However, Ahuiliztli I's grandson, Ahuiliztli argued that he should be the next Head Chief since he was the youngest direct descendant of Ahuiliztli I that was capable of ruling. All but the Amacha Tribe, the tribe Ahuiliztli was from, rejected his claim and elected Ozchaxar as the next Head Chief keeping to the tradition of electing an able 18 year old from one of the seven tribes to be the next Head Chief. Ahuiliztli and the Amacha Tribe denounced the other 6 tribes and declared war on the other tribes for the title of Head Chief, beginning the War of Creeperian Unification.

For the first half of the war, Ozchaxar I and his allies held the upper hand with victories at the battles of Chicxulub and Hetzetat. In the later years of the war, the Amacha began to win major battles such as the Battle of Cuyua, where the Iloqutzi Tribe joined Ahuiliztli's side following the death of Alīxāntzei of Iloqutzi, and the Battle of Motzocho, where the Imnoqueti joined Ahuiliztli's side following the capture and sacrifice of Huemoze of Imnoqueti.

Following both battles, the remaining Chihueta, Llohechue, Tzachu, and Xuhuetí tribes rallied all their forces together to defend Xichútepa, the capital city of the Creeperian Confederation. The tribes agreed to attack the Amacha, Iloqutzi, and Imnoqueti forces and force them to flee from the city.


On 14 September 537AD, the four tribes, under the leadership of Ozchaxar I, set up their camp on the other side of the Xichútepa River. The Amacha saw the camp and organized their forces to fight the tribes.

On 15 September 537AD, Ozchaxar I's larger army was caught off guard by the forces under Ahuiliztli early in the morning as half of Ahuiliztli's army had already crossed the river when Ozchaxar I's forces were ready. Battle started before the tribes were able to have their ritual breakfast, leaving many of them hungry and unable to effectively fight.

During the battle, Chief Hueztācho of the Llohechue was killed in action by Iloqutzi Chief Huetan. Chiefs Huemotzē and Catzlóche fled the battle field with small groups of warriors, leaving the remainder of their forces to be imprisoned, later to be sacrified, or slaughtered in battle.

According to legend, Head Chief Ozchaxar I killed himself when only 50 of his warriors were left fighting. He disemboweled himself to prevent himself from being paraded around and sacrificed by Ahuiliztli. The battle ended before noon and Ahuiliztli secured his place as ruler of the land. On that day, he established the Kingdom of Creeperia and declared himself Tlahtoani, or King.

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