Castillianan National Council of Reorganization

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Castillianan National Council of Reorganization

Conseyu Nacional Castillañero d'Reorganización
Emlbem of Castilliano
Anthem: Castilliano Llibre
(Jackian: "Free Castilliano")
StatusUnrecognized Creeperian Breakaway State
and largest city
Chalatenango (claimed)
Jicalapa (de jure)
Official languagesCastillianan Spanish
Ethnic groups
(2019 estimate)
GovernmentUnitary Presidential Republic
(de jure)
Military Dictatorship
(de facto)
• President
Schafik Handal López
Former Unrecognized Creeperian Breakaway State
• Independence from Creeperopolis declared
October 10, 1980
January 13, 2020
• 2019 estimate
91,000,000 (claimed)
Time zoneAMT-5, -6
Calling codeN/A

Castilliano, officially the Castillianan National Council of Reorganization (Castillianan Spanish: Conseyu Nacional Castillañero d'Reorganización) was an unrecognized Creeperian breakaway state located in western Creeperopolis claiming land from the departments of Castilliano, San Juan, Sonsonate, Santa María, and San Pablo. Its claimed capital is Chalatenango. The region was considered by the Terraconserva Council of Nations to be part of Creeperopolis.