Battle of Rushdi

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Battle of Rushdi
Part of the Deltinian Insurgency and the Creeperian Conflicts
Catatumbo trancazo.png
Deltinian civilians setting a trancazo to prevent FAC and SKBF troops from entering Rushdi.
DateDecember 26, 2019-December 27, 2019
Result Deltinian Victory


Flag of Senvar.jpeg Senvar

Abbasid banner.svg Deltinian Emirate

Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Raúl Cortéz Tejedor Flag of Senvar.jpeg Matthäus Pilc  Executed Abbasid banner.svg Kanaan el-Bashir
Units involved

Creeperopolis Creeperian Army

Flag of the Senvarian Liberation Front.png Senvarian People's Liberation Army

Abbasid banner.svg Deltinian Liberation Army

500 soldiers 400-500 soldiers 1,000+ soldiers
Casualties and losses
123 killed
132 wounded
153 executed
105 killed
148 wounded
149 executed

The Battle of Rushdi (Creeperian Spanish: Batalla de Rushdi, Senvarian: Schlacht von Rushdi, Deltinian Arabic: معركة رشدي), also called the Rushdi Massacre (Masacre de Rushdi, Rushdi-Massaker, مجزرة رشدي), was a battle of the Third Senvarian Insurgency which began the Deltinian Insurgency. The battle began on December 26, 2019, in the city of Rushdi in the department of San Juan, Creeperopolis, and ended the day after on December 27, 2019.

The battle was initially a battle between the Creeperian Army and the Senvarian Liberation Front, an uncommon occurrence, especially in the south. However, on the second day of the battle, more than 1,000 soldiers wearing all black emerged from the Deltinian forest cover and attack both sides of the battle. Both the Creeperans and the Senvarians were routed and the soldiers captured over 200 Creeperans and Senvarians while killing 200 more in battle and wounding almost 300 more. All 200 prisoners were executed, regardless of allegiance.

The group calls itself the Deltinian Liberation Army. Kanaan el-Bashir, the DLA's leader, declares the necessity for an independent Deltinian Emirate and declares both the Creeperans and the Senvarians as imperialist oppressors.


Military Situation

The Creeperans and the Senvarians have been engaged in war since 1934, back during the Creeperian Civil War. Both sides have fought time and time again in the department of Deltino. Both sides have ignored the Deltinians and treated them as a 'lesser-race' as the Deltinians have persecuted both groups during the days of the Deltinian Caliphate.


The battle broke out between two battalions near the village of Rushdi on December 26, 2019. When fighting began, the villagers of Rushdi began lighting fires and setting roadblocks to give both sides a disadvantage in an attempt to force both sides to disengage. Both sides threatened the villagers with pillaging and mass murder.[citation needed]

By the second day, casualties began to reach 50 on both sides. When the Senvarians began to plan a counter-attack, both sides saw soldiers in all back uniforms emerge the trees around them and they opened fired. Both sides initially fought back but eventually both had to order a retreat.


After the battle, the group called itself the Deltinian Liberation Army. It's leader, General Kanaan el-Bashir, called for all Deltinians across the department to rise up against Senvarian and Creeperian oppression and to join the fight for an independent Deltino. He declared the Emirate of Deltino as an independent nation.

Both the Senvarians and the Creeperans condemned the massacre committed by the DLA and both rejected the legitimacy of such an emirate as it claimed territory claimed by both sides. The Castillianans have not commented on the matter as they have not been dragged into the Deltinians' sights yet.


Both the Creeperans and Senvarians suffered heavy casualties, each losing 200 men, 2/5 of each battalion.

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